Reviews for Chili's Grill & Bar in Abilene, TX

A Grant Madden 1 year ago

Nice restaurant with okay service. My wife got a chicken salad while my son and I split the big platter where you get two half... orders of their big dishes. He got chicken bites while I got the steak quesadillas. I took one bite of mine and absolutely couldnot eat it. It did not say it was spicy on the menu, however it was much too spicy for me to even attempt eating. My son andwife tried it as well and neither of them could eat it either. I did not see any jalapeños in the food, but there was a lot ofred pepper put in there. It was not fun paying that kind of price for something no one at the table could eat. Read more

John Thomas 1 year ago

We had a three generation dinner for two granddaughters birthdays. Their birthdays are a few years and one week apart. They both... are hooked on steaks and sides here. We tried them out during the summer and they have asked to come back when we ask they wherethey want to eat. We enjoy the thin corn chips and dips. Read more

Mike McGrew 1 year ago

My Son and I went into Chili's and was seated. The business was not busy . We waited 10-15 minutes and no waitress or waiter... ever spoke or waited on us. Maybe they were watching the Dallas Football game.We contacted the hostess and told her what hadhappen and she did not say anything. Why didn't she get the manager? Poor management or training. We went to the NorthsideChili's and was waited on in 1 minute by Chris. Our Drink, silver ware , and order taken in two minutes. And their business wasbusy... Read more

Amilea Contreras 1 year ago

My son and I both enjoyed our dinner. He had the Alex burger and he said it tasted so good. I enjoyed the honey Chipotle crisper... but realized the portion size had gone way down. I was a little bummed they didn't have the skillet mash potatoes anymore, theloaded potatoes were just not the same. Also did not like that the Root Beer was not refillable. I wished it would had said onthe menu that it was a bottled beverage, i would have paid for a different drink to get a refill. Read more

Michelle 1 year ago

Ordered take out and everything went smoothly until I paid and needed change returned. I got a little confused with the process... because the young man rang my order up and I paid then he asked if I wanted my change I replied with well of course I mean itwas over 6 bucks anyways, it took me over ten minutes to get my change due to having to find a manager to use her card and openthe register to distribute money. Idk I feel there needs to be a better way for employees to be able to distribute cash tocustomers. All in all, the people were great. food was great. I was satisfied for the most part. Read more

5.7 SHAKER 2 years ago

Great place. Quick to get a seat. The sweet tea is amazing. Steak was cooked perfectly.

Tracy Meek 2 years ago

Sat at the bar for dinner, Maurice was wondering. He was very attentive to us even as busy as he was but what impressed me the... most was how supportive and encouraging he was towards his coworkers. The food was good, serve great and will definitely goback and ask for him. Read more

Marsha Pruit 2 years ago

We ordered the Merry Berry Rita?s and their hamburgers and smokehouse plates. Everything was so very good. We had zero... complaints! The place was clean and neat. Our server was the best! We didn?t want for anything. Big plus she put up with threesilly women like a champ. Great time and highly recommended! Read more