Reviews for Outback Steakhouse in Abilene, TX

Jordan C 1 year ago

Ordered a steak medium rare, and a ribeye medium. The meat was undercooked for both, and the quality of meat was definitely not... on par with the USDA quality they claim to be. Definitely sketchy there, given they charge more than Texas Roadhouse for worsequality meat. I will NEVER go back, and I will always spread how disgusting the meat is by word of mouth. This is the third timethis has happened. Once may be an accident. Three times is a noticeable pattern and cause for major concern. Read more

Misty Quick 1 year ago

I always forget we have an Outback Steakhouse. It was a welcomed change for us. The food was great. The adult beverages were... really great. We didn't wait long to be seated or get our food. We will definitely be back!! PS..it's not as over priced as someof the other steakhouses in Abilene! Read more

Michele Willingham 1 year ago

We haven?t had a great experience in a long time until tonight. Our server, Jerod, was first class as well as the quality of our... food. We were greatly impressed that the proprietor came out to greet us personally and extend thanks for the positive feedback.If we?re ever back in town we will be sure to stop by. Read more

Bruce Tentzer (TPUBRUCE) 1 year ago

Always consistent food. I was in the mood to try their chicken fried chicken and it was perfectly cooked and very juicy. The... French onion soup was the bomb.. Read more

Virginia Bradford 1 year ago

Our waiter was phenomenal!! The food was great!! We took our 5 kids there to eat and this male waiter we had was absolutely the... best waiter/waitress we have ever had. Anytime our/kids drinks got even low he was right there with a new one. In the past wehadn't been big fans of Outback. But this specific one was amazing!! I honestly can't say enough about the service. My husbandand I have both worked the restaurant industry. So we are watching closely and will kindly mention things that could be donebetter. We absolutely tip for service. Any time we have the extra funds we will definitely visit this one!! Read more

T S 1 year ago

Outback Steakhouse! I haven?t been here in years but when uncle BooBoo wanted a diverse out of Texas experience I knew exactly... where to take him, the outback! Boom!! Welcome to Australia uncle! The night started out interesting when we got sat at a boothbehind a couple that wouldn?t stop talking about their ?private life? in a not so private voice. We decided to get a littledistracted by having a drink but wanted to stick with the Australian theme. We ordered some Fosters beer, two sips in uncleBooBoo was furious, insisting that the beer tasted like beer nothing Australian about it, that was the start of it?? one thingled to another, made a very long embarrassing night. Uncle BooBoo went on his own quest to integrate every worker about the lasttime they were in the outback, he was so mad when these what appeared to be 19 year olds had not been to Australia. He wasappalled and not shy to show it. Eventually I talked him down but in his frustration he also let the couple behind us know howhe felt about their conversation. I think they didn?t even pay as they ran out the door! All in all outback was good, hotdelicious food, service was decent, but explain to your uncle it?s an American franchise with an Australian theme (it?s not thereal outback, don?t expect kangaroos, lol!). Read more

Nathaniel Zeiger 2 years ago

I used to really enjoy watching games and such here. Today, I went to watch a game? and I will not be going back. The bar area... smelled absolutely horrid. HORRID. It smelled as if someone had dumped a construction area portable potty down the drains and itgot clogged up. You can smell the disgusting aroma 10-20 feet away from the bar. This needs to be fixed, and someone needs togo inspect this? dump. The poor employees (whom are always great) are stuck having to work in this environment. Someone needs tofix this. Truly unbelievable. If you?re thinking of going to Outback or you?re a frequent visitor, stop by the bar before youeat. The sheisse particulate is certainly wafting throughout the entire restaurant? and on your food. Enjoy your meal. Read more

Kyle 2 years ago

The staff was nice, but not the most efficient. The food left a lot to be desired. The asparagus was disgusting; got a refund... for it. Really enjoyed the bread and blonde ale. Probably won?t come back. Read more