Reviews for McDonald's in Aitkin, MN

Cathy Jones 1 year ago

Not from Aitkin was hungry so we stopped. We walked in and was told that we need to use the kiosk we did not want to do we... wanted someone to take our order as I have never used it and have a food allergie. Was told in a cocky attitude that it will beawhile. Had to pay for my order at the counter cause I was paying with cash. This all happen at 6:27 pm. My husband went to sitdown and a worker walked out and said I have chairs there for a reason it is blocked off. At 6:27 and where do you want us tosit. Very unprofessional and will never return. Read more

Susan Samuelson 1 year ago

Love the smile and happiness that is shared when you drive up and pickup your order. That gentleman is a real peach!!

Jerry Chapman 1 year ago

We waited 24 minutes for a Big Mac meal, two McDouble hamburgers and fries. The service was slow and once we got our food, the... fries were cold. Not very happy. Read more

Larry Kroells 1 year ago

My bill was $11.53, I thought I gave the teller $21.53 so I would get a ten dollar bill back. I accidentally was one cent short.... Instead of asking me for another penny she fave me $9.99 in change. Then it took 14 minutes to get my food. I'll never go backto this location. Incompetent and slow. Read more

deborah horton-williams 1 year ago

Every time I go there they give me old dried out or burned old food. Or they get my order wrong. Today I got Frappuccino and... their was Carmel qll over the outside of the cup and wrong lid that didn't fit. Biscuits were hard as rock and sasage was burnedand hard(old). 35 dollars. What a waste. Read more

diane reiss 1 year ago

I only wanted a cup of coffee. I stood and waited while an employee was conversing with others and physically acting out her... message. Finally a young man took my order and since I wanted a medium coffee and to please leave room for ice, he graciouslysaid he would do the ice for me. When the rude employee saw that he was using a large cup for my medium coffee she started toberate him for using that cup. I did speak up and tell her that she had no right to criticize him and she had the nerve to saythat she had been filling an order. She was not and I told her so. I hope that she is disciplined or even fired. Read more

Eve Mooberry 1 year ago

Got breakfast, sausage egg mcmuffin no cheese just the way l like it. Service was fast food was served hot.

AuntyB GardenLady 1 year ago

Just travelling thru and stopped here to get a large iced vanilla coffe and paid $2.45 for it... compared to the 2 bux I pay for... it in Ashland Ohio... so not too much difference. Very very nice, friendly, courteous staff! Read more