Reviews for Alamo Palace in Alamo, CA

Karen O. 1 year ago

Food was good. Quiet, which was nice.

Joanne Vecce 2 years ago

First time trying. Ordered take out hot and sour soup for me and BBQ pork chow mien for my hubby. Soup tasted super sweet, like... it had corn syrup dumped in it, despite adding hot mustard and the smell and taste of it was completely rancid. Threw it out.The chow mien wasn?t much better but was at least palatable. Never again. Read more

Christina Yee 2 years ago

Good food. I love their hot and sour soup. I like their curry prawns and Mongolian beef as well

Betsy Maloney 2 years ago

Last night was our first experience eating Chinese food from Alamo Palace. It was take-out and after traveling a short... distance home, the food was exceptionally fresh and not all "mushed" together. A few items were packaged separately so as topreserve its freshness & avoid saturation. We especially enjoyed the Mu Shu pork and the Honey Walnut Chicken. Over the Covidmonths we've eaten take-out from Uncle Yu's and PF Chang's and neither one compared in any way to meal we had last night fromAlamo Palace! If you take this recommendation & eat there, we hope you enjoy your meal as much as we did. Read more

JD Garcia 2 years ago

I have not been this disappointed with a dining experience for sometime now. The BBQ pork fried rice was bland. The first time... around the waitress brought out pork fried rice that was disgusting. The waitress was initially kind and bubbly, however afterhaving to return two orders for not paying attention, resulting in having to make them over again, the disgust in the lady'sface and the rude service that followed was just numbing. It suppressed my appetite and made my wife and I uncomfortable. On apositive note, the sweet-and-sour chicken was delicious. Read more

Kevin Lee 2 years ago

Excellent food and service. People are very kind. A bit pricey, and the lunch menu combos don't feel like good value compared to... the full plates, but all in all, a good Chinese place in Danville/Alamo. Read more

Pamela Lee 4 years ago

I'm vegetarian and this is my favorite Chinese restaurant in the city. I love their tofu dishes - kung pao tofu is pretty... amazing. I would also recommend the soup (hot and sour) and the moo shu. Henry's in the best! Read more

Artem Aung 6 years ago

Poorly cooked food, vegetables with shrimp were terrible it's hard to make it worse. Everything covered in something starchy... making everything except rice taste very bad. Waiter was very nice, polite and basically perfect service, but I'm? here to eat,I don't really care about that stuff. And food was very bad, never again. Especially bad considering it was $17 One extra starfor slice of orange at the end, and thank God that orange was fresh. Read more