Reviews for Slice and Dice Pizzeria in Albuquerque, NM

Michael Searles 1 year ago

I am just traveling through and a lot of board gamers on social media told me to check this place out, and I am glad I did. The... service was great. The guy, I think his name was Sean, was amazing and very helpful. I was expecting a lot from the pizza but itwas really good. I would go out of my way to stop here again if I found myself in New Mexico Read more

Gayle V 1 year ago

First time here. Got the pizza delivered next door to Tractor. The staff were super nice. Atmosphere was nice when we went... inside to order the pizza. Owners were super nice. Read more

Susan Ramirez-Gutierrez 1 year ago

The owners & employees are the nicest people ever, & you can tell it’s an awesome place to work, with people who are... passionate about games (& make delicious pizza). Hands down my favorite local pizza place, and first place I look when I want anew board game. I like to take out of town friends here, because it’s such a unique and enjoyable place. My husband and I tookour wedding party here the day after we got married to play games and hang out prior to COVID, & I’m so glad to see themthriving now as things open up more. Love this place!!! Read more

ERIN STELTER 2 years ago

Pizza was very good. Also got the cheese bread which was delicious too. The bread has a yeasty flavor which I really enjoy.

Krissy S 2 years ago

I stumbled across them when looking up pizza near me and was shocked when they actually offered vegan options, not just... vegetarian. I’m plant based and will hesitatingly and sparingly cave for dairy, but I couldn’t believe that they took thecare to not only do vegan toppings, but cheese as well. Just tried them for the first time tonight and will definitely beordering again. I also tried their vegan meatballs, and veggie salad and I’m so happy with the whole spread Read more

Marcus 2 years ago

I went for dinner for my first time and really enjoyed the place. It was clean and family friendly. They have a wide variety of... pizzas and toppings. One side of the facility is all unopened board games that are for sale while the other side is a diningarea with many of the same games opened and available to play. I had a Keto style pizza and bought a game. Read more

Monika Rivera 2 years ago

This place was amazing!! My husband and I went for my birthday and we had so much fun!! The food was delicious. The pizza was... great and we ordered wings and they were not too saucy and cooked so the meat was falling off the bone. We also ordered thestuffed mushrooms and I wanna go back just for that! The atmosphere was perfect. The owner came and greeted us and asked us ifwe needed help with any of the board games. There was a wide selection, from family group games to strategy to classic! We willdefinitely be going back! Such an amazing idea executed so well! Read more

Autumn Rainey 2 years ago

Slice and Dice was recommended in my board game group on Facebook and I am so happy it was. For our family the food with drinks... was reasonably priced. So far we’ve had pizza, cheese bread, and salad. All of it was very tasty and came to the table prettypromptly. We’ve enjoyed playing the games available in their library (which has led us to buying a few); we’ve only playedthe kid games but have had a lot of fun getting our oldest into playing. The games for sale are expensive but they tend to be nomatter where you go. I am also happy to see they have miniatures, paints, and other items for D&D. They also have a largeselection of dice and dice related items. My only complaint is there is not enough seating, especially on a Saturdaynight. Overall, I’d HIGHLY recommend! Read more