Reviews for Gen Korean BBQ House in Alhambra, CA

Grace Wong 1 year ago

This was a fabulous choice for lunch. It was a $27 fixed price per person all you can eat KBBQ. You grill the meat yourself. We... got a bunch of different meats and they were all pretty good! We also got lychee soju ? I like grape soju soju better still. TheKBBQ place was fancy and clean, but I?ve had better KBBQ experiences in ktown. Better as in, the service was that they grilledthe meats for us, the side dishes had more options, the meat just tasted better? But Gen korean bbq house had really goodtasting meat honestly, I?d say if you?re looking for lunch in the area or kbbq in the area come here. the only issue we had wasthat the QR code for the menu wasn?t loading and that might be annoying for someone whose really hungry; we had to wait for themto bring us pics of the menu? but I guess it depends if you?re patient or not! The pics below aren?t the best bc some of themare cropped but overall the food tasted good and it was delicious. Read more

Mad Max 1 year ago

I only have one thing to say: It is one of the BEST Korean restaurant I've ever been !! The food is sooooo delicious and very... decent price. A must visit!! Expect a 30 to 45 minutes wait on weekdays and up to 2 hours on weekends. But it's truly worth thewait!! Read more

Vianey R 2 years ago

We love eating at this restaurant. The quality of the meat is good and the seasonings make it very flavourful. The side dishes... are good as well. The best is their version of mashed potatoes, super delish! My favorite meats are the Hawaiian steak, beefbulgogi, garlic samgyubsal and spicy samgyubsal. This is a nice restaurant to hang out with friends and fam so we come quiteoften ha! Read more

Wilson Wong 2 years ago

This place is getting old and little run down. The cushions on our bench had a bunch of rips in them. The veneers on the... tables were peeling. The place had bunch neon and stainless steel giving it a night club feel to it. The floor was made ofdifferent materials. The concrete part may once been carpeted once, because it looked unfinished. As food, it was completelyunderwhelming. The cuts were uneven. Our a beef bulgogi came as two large chunks. The "premium" steak was not trim correctly. There still bits of gristle left. Service was OK. They came round often for the next order of meat, but not for grillchanges. Our first grill was almost complete back before they changed it. Read more

Eduardo Sánchez 2 years ago

Good, Good!! All food taste soft and fresh the waitress that attended us was very nice was my first time and for sure I'll be... coming back Read more

M 2 years ago

Meat quality is very good, we loved short rib and finger ribs, service is good too, lunch is 20$ and dinner is 27$ all you can... eat Read more

Jose Correa 2 years ago

I?m not a huge fan of Korean bbq food but this place was good and the service was fast and good by our server. I did enjoy the... environment and it was fun cooking our food, I had a good time even though it was a bit pricey but overall I would give it 4 1/2stars! Read more

Christian Harr 2 years ago

This was and my wife's first time trying a Korean BBQ. It was very good. I highly recommend the Hawaii Beef and the rice cakes.... Both were absolutely amazing. The staff were great, especially Ethan. Read more