Reviews for Cliff Side Tacos in Allenspark, CO

Anna Mathew 1 year ago

I will respond with a neutral review, with warning about parking near the store, as the owner has indicated my husband gave a... bold-faced lie. Otherwise, I would not review. We were glad to visit the area this morning. We pulled in assuming that this isparking is like that in front of other strips of stores, where if you are a customer of one establishment, you can park whereyou like. I understood based on reviews from my research that the liquor store is associated with the food and fuel store, so Iassumed the parking in this strip is shared with all. Before returning to our car with our quick breakfast, we saw the tablesand decided to let our kids eat there rather than in the car. As it was quite before lunch hours and the taco shop was closed,we sat down. We did apologize when we were asked to leave, as we would not have sat there if we knew that the establishmentwould mind. I was both sorry and surprised. As we were finishing, we were directed to seating which we had not seen and stillcould not see. It was much easier to return to our car with the little bit we had left. (I would have hoped that the restaurantworker would have allowed us to finish, maybe exchange some friendly words about our trip, and asked us not to bring other foodthere again, as our presence there wasn't drawing any additional crowds.) As we were getting into the car and finishing, a towtruck pulled strangely behind us and parked, not in a parking space, looked at us, and walked to the taco shop door, speakingwith the worker. At that point I asked my husband to leave, though he would have investigated further. Replying to his review,the taco shop indicated that the truck was not there for us but for coffee, but he was parked behind us, not by the coffee. Icannot say the intent of the tow truck or the taco shop worker for certain. However, I am glad I did not take my family to thetables which we eventually saw outside the opposite entrance of the food store as we we drove out and Read more

John Mathew 1 year ago

I wonder why this place is so rude. I had a good time with my family camping near by. We all looked forward to having a local... jumbo size cinnamon roll. We got to the parking lot near the gas and food at 8:20 and waited 10 minute until it opened. Afterour purchases we came back to our car and noticed tables The cliff side tacos made my family laugh with the rough signseverywhere against dogs. Taco shop was still closed and walked out from the taco shop and told us to leave. We got our stuff andreturned to our car and finished eating our breakfast then noticed Taco shop called a tow truck for our car. Sign did not say itwas only for taco shop. You might lose your car because of this shop. This all really soured the whole trip. Do not know localissues. Maybe the shop has issues with people destroying their property. My experience would make me never do business withthem. Read more

George Mitchell 1 year ago

I ordered the tacos and what I received was good. That being said I cannot give a higher score because I believe the portions... weren't up to par. I left hungry and think anyone with a good appetite would as well. Either that or your bill price won'tjustify tacos because you could have ordered a steak/full course meal somewhere else... I also believe I wasn't discounted fortaco Tuesday. Either way I enjoyed my meal and don't regret stopping by. I appreciate some of the unique food options and was afan of their hot sauces. Read more

Chelsea Petre 1 year ago

This was within walking distance of our Airbnb so we gave it a try. The staff was very friendly and helpful and the food was... great! We got a taco plate and a veggie burrito. The burrito was nice and full, not skimpy on fillings at all and great flavors.Also nice that they have a variety of salsas with a range of spice level. Would recommend! Read more

Michelle Croft 1 year ago

For our first visit we wanted to sample the interesting menu variety. We tried 5 taco flavors and a burrito, and would order ALL... again! Excellent quality ingredients, skilled pairings, and Delicious!!! You have to try Chef's take on Barbacoa! Service at asuper-busy time was friendly and a helpful. Can't wait to return! Read more

Josh M 1 year ago

Excellent food!! As others have said it?s a hidden gem. Was in the area for a few days and ate there twice. All the food was... excellent. The devil eggs were spectacular. The burritos are giant and absolutely stuffed full. The guacamole is made to orderand the different hot sauces are very tasty. Highly recommend! Read more

Geoff Clark 1 year ago

The vegetarian tacos were extremely tasty. Really liked the pickled jalapeños that came on the side, too! All the ingredients... were super fresh. The tortillas were delicious, warm, and soft. The owners were super nice and they provided great service.All-in-all it was a really good meal, and I hope to go back! Read more

Andy Reiner 2 years ago

Allenspark is a better town for Cliff Side Tacos. Soup and tacos were excellent. Reasonable prices, delicious flavors and... fantastic people. We will eat here every chance we get. Read more