Reviews for Starbucks in Alma, MI

Anakin Brittain 1 year ago

Great study atmosphere, great variety of drinks and nice baristas.

BeeBoos Army 1 year ago

Love this place no one's espresso taste even close to the same as Starbucks.

William Letts 1 year ago

Super nice workers


My biggest complaint is that this location closes at 5 week days and 3 on Saturdays??? & closed Sundays! What a joke. College... kids aren't the only ones who get coffee and alot of people are out and about on the weekends and get coffee past 5!!! Read more

Mike James 1 year ago

Not a big coffee person but it's a nice place with a nice atmosphere.

mh551222 2 years ago

While I enjoy frequenting this Starbucks location, there is one employee named Megan that seems absolutely miserable. She is... rude to the customers as well as her fellow employees. She seems to bring down and belittle rather than encourage and motivatethe people she works with. If I knew her schedule, I would only come in when she is not there. Read more

Danielle Moreno 2 years ago

First of all, I have never felt the need to leave a review for anywhere or anything, but the employees at this Starbucks suck.... At this point, I would rather drive to Mount Pleasant than go here. The employees are always SO rude, judge people for theirorder, and can never seem to make my drink right. I?m over it. Read more

Danielle Kelley 2 years ago

These ladies are very hard working and also short staffed and still perform their jobs amazingly? I come in almost every morning... and they already know my name and my drink order by the time I walk in! Brenda is absolutely amazing if for some reasonsomething is ever messed up she goes out of her way to make it right! I absolutely love this store and the ladies who work here!You are awesome and thank you for making my morning just a little bit easier! Read more