Reviews for Chipotle Mexican Grill in Ames, IA

Christopher Campbell 1 year ago

The salt level at this location is all over the place - either too much or hardly any at all. Had two orders in the past month... that were inedible due to a large amount of salt being used. When the salt is reasonable, this Chipotle has good nutrition forthe price point. Read more

Skyebluewolfy 1 year ago

I asked for chicken barito and they put pico on it when I answered no and proceeded to put queso on it and sour cream I'm... lactose intolerant and then charged me for everything they put on it that I specifically declined and refused to give me areceipt. Read more

Gee Unit 1 year ago

Terribly overpriced, terribly small portion sizes, consistently failed orders. And on top of that they're out of literally... everything every time I go in, regardless of the time of day (this time RED SALSA AND CHEESE?? of all things?) Read more

Tracy A Williams 1 year ago

Chicken burrito bowl was delicious, added black beans, queso, guacamole, brown rice, and sour cream. Generous portions of each... ingredient I chose, chicken was tender and the guacamole is the best I've had. The flavors of everything came through perfectly,and it was great to eat on this the next couple days too. I'll definitely be back!! Read more

Faith Hendricks 1 year ago

Very disappointed. Chicken was gross and chewy. Could not even order a quesadilla unless I ordered it online. Loaded on the... toppings, gave barley any chicken and rice. Miswell have gotten a bowl of sour cream. Made everything cold. Gave barley anyqueso even tho they charge 2 dollars more. Chips were stale. Cashier was slow and clueless. Read more

G Online 1 year ago

Inferior quality food and service as compared to what I'm used to receiving at other Chipotles in other towns. They neglected to... include the salsa that was paid for, charged for extra tortillas on a "put the tortillas on the side" order, AND the chips werestale! How much more can you get wrong people?! Read more

Rachel Johnson 1 year ago

Very accommodating when I ordered food for 30 people on the Saturday evening of Iowa State undergraduate commencement. We did... end up missing the sofritas in our order but everything else was great and ready to go on time. Read more

Evan Kilstrom 2 years ago

Gotta love double steak! This place just straight-up sucks. No other way to put it. The quality of food/preparation is... absolutely never there no matter how many time I give it a second chance. Even worse, the employees take away from theexperience. They are consistently rude,short and judgmental; not nice whatsoever. Wish this wasn?t the case, but won?t be goingback. Read more