Reviews for Subway in Ames, IA

Martha Nelson 1 year ago

Food tastes fine but before wrapping up our sandwiches one of the female employees making them told me and my boyfriend that she... ?could get fired? for adding toppings to a sandwich listed on the menu if we didn?t specify we wanted items added after it hadbeen toasted..she was short and rude and normally we don?t have an issue here. Seemed like a dramatic claim for a chain storethat does sandwiches to order. I guess we?ll go across town next time instead of having the convenience of the location in ourneighborhood. Read more

Andrew Burras 1 year ago

Absolutely shocked at the horrible customer service I received from this location. She was rude and yelled at me for asking... simple questions. Refused to give me her name. I?ve frequented this location for years but Will not be coming here again. Read more

William Schine 1 year ago

On Friday Sept 23rd (earlier today between 1pm -1:30pm), There was a female worker by the name of "Lila" I believe, who finish... the last part of my sandwich. My food was made correctly. However she was EXTREMELY rude when asking what condiments I wantedand kept rushing me as if I was purposely holding up the line. Her tone was very passive aggressive. And I didn't appreciate itconsidering I was nice to her. When paying for my food I commented on her attitude to her bigger co-worker trying to showempathy naturally assuming she was having a bad day. And she was also dismissive and ignored me while giving me the default"have a nice day line" to get me out of line. Again my food was Ok. But I'm really considering if I'll ever return there in thefuture if I'm going to be treated like that. The guy with the beard was Ok. And didn't give any condescending, rude, mean,dismissive or passive aggressive interaction during our encounter. Just the other two. Hence why I only gave 2 stars instead ofone. They're gonna end up being rude to the wrong person one day if they remain employed. The world is negative enough as is. Read more

miguel tovar 1 year ago

Horrible service from personal, they guy making the sandwiches was being very rude with all the customers. I'm never coming back... to this particular store. Read more

Lisa Challstrom 1 year ago

Very rude woman works here. She had long black hair with the sides shaved. I asked for light sauce and she put it on HEAVY. It... was a spicy sauce and I told her that was too much my stomach can't handle it. She laughed in my face and said thats the normalamount of sauce and I can't take it off. I asked for some to be removed and she yelled "no! Quess you're out a sandwich" andtossed it to the side. Read more

RabibSK 2 years ago

Worst service I have received at any fast food. I go there for lunch every now and then and every time I get the same server. My... experience the first couple of times wasn?t good but I let it slide. I?ve worked at a subway before and some times you can havebad days. But since then, I have noticed that this server is rude to me specifically even in a line of customers. And during mymost recent visit she snapped at me for no reason along with her usual terrible service. I?m usually very nice to the server?sas I?ve worked in their positions before. So I cannot come up with any reasonable cause for her behavior except for some sort ofracial prejudice Read more

Brandi ?Brosas? Rosas 2 years ago

Ordered for curbside and sign on the window said to call a number when you arrive and they would bring it out to your car. I... called 3 times, twice when no customers were in the store. No one answered. I could see both staff chatting but could only seetheir heads. After waiting quite a long time and 3 unanswered phone calls later, I went in and my order was on the pick uptray. No one was at the counter but came out from back room. I asked if it was for me by name and he said yes. The ice washalf melted in my pop sandwich was room temp. I checked receipt and it clearly said curbside pickup. Won't be visiting thislocation again Read more

Raynaldo Pedregon 2 years ago

Very disappointed my sandwich was burnt never seen anyone make a subway the way they made ours ! They put all my condiments on... my meal then put it in the oven so my tomato?s were hot and bread burnt she touched my money then the next customers food rightafter! Never been to this location and won?t come back Read more