Reviews for Simmer Down Caribbean Cafe in Arcata, CA

Bob Greene

Good food,good people

Unity Sound

Extraordinary food!!! Curry Soya Chunks & rice & peas were superb!! Big up the chef!!!

Kaeden Williams

The escovich fish is phenomenal. Always cooked perfectly.

Terry Maloney

Omg I had the chickpea cashew burger with the chili lime sauce. Hands down best veggie burger ive ever had. Unique nutritious... and delicious. Im definitely coming back Read more

Dave Bissell

The food is really good, large portions, satisfying. The variety on one plate is awesome. I usually get the curried soya... chunks. The fritters are amazing too... the aoli is one of the best vegan sauces i've ever tried. The guy is friendly, andaccommodating. Definitely recommend this place to my vegan and omni friends!! Read more