Reviews for Arby's in Arkansas City, KS

Cody Campbell 1 year ago

Decent fast food place. Food is always hot and staff is friendly.

Dawn Long 1 year ago

The dining room was closed due to low staff. I?m sorry but we wanted to eat out and dine in. How hard is it to maybe have to... clean a couple of tables. I?m a kitchen manager at an elementary of 475 kids. There are 4 of us. We have no problem feeding allthese kids in 2 hours and cleaning the whole kitchen and dining room. So why can?t you take care of a few people. We will not beback and didn?t stay then. We went elsewhere. Read more

Richard Aimes 1 year ago

Got their brisket sandwich and I was really disappointed. It had 1/2 the meat on it . May not get it again. Will say something... next time if I do. I will say the customer service is good. Read more

Matthew Spurlock 1 year ago

I am always impacted by the kindness shown by the staff. I have a strong feeling that it's a top-down mentality of serving the... customers. This Arby's location has been one of the best customer oriented fast food restaurants I've ever been to. Keep it upand God bless this business! Read more

Shelly Squires 1 year ago

Food is great the service is perfect they already know what we want before we even order they even bring our food to our table... instead of hollering our name. Their New Manager couldn't be better she does a great job ?? Read more

Shawn Brock 1 year ago

Normal Arby's didn't have an issues. Although they added the right amount of cheese on my beef n cheddar!

Chyna Prince 2 years ago

I went through the drive threw? 1, the lady seamed like she didn?t even want to be there. 2, the bread on my Turkey sandwich was... hard. There was hardly any condiments on it, the tomatoes were tasty but there was hardly any onion. They fries were fresh, andthe white cheddar Mac and cheese was amazing! But my problem was the price? almost $15 dollars for a sandwich, large fry anddrink, plus Mac n? cheese?! That?s freaking crazy! I seriously debated on just leaving before paying? that?s insane. Read more

Sheila Edmons 3 years ago

Bun on roast beef was hard in spots. The curly fries pictured had more pieces and other types of fries than fresh and whole... curly fries. Dining room was empty, drive thru was moderately busy. Read more