Reviews for House of Thai Cuisine in Ashland, OR

Sunny Leung 1 year ago

Not really traditional Thai taste. Don?t put too much hope on it. Waitress is pleasant but the food is not great.

Carol H. 2 years ago

Ordered Eggplant Lunch Special; the portions are small. Price is a bit high for our area. The large pieces of eggplant were not... cooked all the way through, which is always disappointing. The sauce was very good and the done pieces of eggplant were perfect.$5.50 for a Thai iced tea with coconut milk seems overpriced. Friendly service, which is always appreciated. Read more

Davina Seppelt 2 years ago

Paid $17 for green curry. This is the most watery curry I have ever had. I always get just vegetables at every Thai place I have... ordered from which is many over the years and it has never made the curry watery. I called to address this and they blamed it onthe vegetables. It was more of a broth than anything. Eggplant undercooked as well and tasted soapy. Couldn?t eat eggplant whichis usually favorite part. Very Disappointed???? Read more

Nur 2 years ago

Our favorite take out while remembering years of our little kids & the fish tank, etc. now the ?kids? are closer to 40 & far... away. Love you house of Thai & your beautiful spirit house. Read more

Aimee Garcia 2 years ago

The customer service was so good! We ordered pick up and I forgot to tell them I wanted chicken not tofu. I got tofu, but it was... so delicious I didn?t even care. Loved all three dishes we got! Can?t wait to order again. Read more

Elise Pfrommer 2 years ago

Ordered the peanut fried rice. When we got home we realized that it didn?t have any seasoning or flavor at all, it just tasted... like oil and plain rice. The owner didn?t believe me and insisted that it was made correctly but agreed to replace it with a newone if she could inspect the old one. Once we made the 10 minute drive back, we got the new rice (pretty much the same as theold one) and some extra sauce, which made it palatable. Overall, the food was bland and oily, and the message I received fromthe owner was that I was wrong to want food with seasoning in it. Read more

samantha marquez 3 years ago

This place has delicious food and the best green cury I've ever had. The atmosphere is calm and the overall view is beautiful.... Would highly recommend. Read more

Alyssa Benjamin 4 years ago

Worst Thai food I?ve ever had. I used to get take out from here last year and it was much better. Maybe they got new owners or... something? They pumped up the prices a lot and the quality has decreased tremendously!!! Couldn?t even finish our meal, it madeus nauseous. The noodles came out cold and were hard, tofu was soggy, the broccoli was undercooked and you could just tell itwasn?t fresh. Tasted like a frozen meal that comes in a box and was heated up in the microwave... the $16 (!!!) soup had chunksof uncooked onions and tasted plain weird. Far from authentic. Also the waitress said that if we got the noodles without anymeat it would be $9 instead of $13, yet we got charged $13 and when we asked her she said it?s only $9 during lunch time...sowhy say that when we are ordering dinner????? Never coming here again. We also overheard the only other couple that was eatingthere at the time exclaim that this was also the worst Thai food they?ve ever had. Read more