Reviews for Subway in Atoka, OK

saif mahmoud 1 year ago

My sandwich was really bad the tomatoes were bad..There was a lady who works at night put tons of salts on my sandwich.. she... seemed high to be honest Read more

Sterling Solesky 2 years ago

Lady was so high she smashed my sandwich. And when i payed i stuck my card in the deal like it said. She hit cash. And pushed... the register back in. Place was packed with 20+ people behind me so i didnt know what to do and just left. She dropped cookieson counter. The entire tray. Picked em up,put back in tray. Even one from the floor. And stuck tray back in display.. they hadto have girl from the loves store side jump in an help. Because she was that high nodding off.... ill never get subway everagain. Employees are always high..... Read more

Amy Whisenhunt 2 years ago

If I could rate this negative I would! I work as a waitress next door and I walked over to order some sandwiches for myself and... coworkers. The lady right off the bat was rude and impolite to me for no reason, and she didn?t make the sandwiches right andover charged me completely. I paid almost $40 for 3 sandwiches and chips and a drink!!!! So we call them back to ask them whythey overcharged and got our order wrong and the response was absolutely ridiculous! She said it was up to me to tell her shewas making the sandwiches wrong and they said as far as being overcharged they couldn?t do refunds very rude. Will never goback. Read more

Joanne Slama 2 years ago

Subway at Love's in Atoka, OK was not OK. Was afraid to order the salad because the edges of the bin of shredded lettuce were... brown and the "fresh" spinach leaves were wilted. So I got a sandwich, no veggies. Read more

Vlad Dragoon 2 years ago

Subway over the interstate was awesome! Great road trip stop even if it's a tourist trap! Lol

Allen Head 2 years ago

They were out of meats and I spent $47. for 4 sandwiches. I mean come on man. That's crazy high. Won't eat there again

J S 4 years ago

Wow. They make the smallest VEGAN salads ever and still charge $6.60 for it. Amazingly, they also charge extra for a little more... veggies(not awaccado). Extraordary place. I am so excited to never come back to this subway. Check out the picture of the ????. Read more

jaleigh thayer 4 years ago

I work for Subway, Tryna was rude and didn?t even make my sandwich right. The other lady was a lot nicer than her.