Reviews for Chili's Grill & Bar in Batesville, MS

Kita C. 1 year ago

My husband and I had traveled 7 hours. We was staying at the Hampton Inn. I usually Chili's because they have a good Black Bean... Burger I am vegetarian. I place didn't look busy when we arrived. Two of my cousins join us. It took about 30 minutes to get ourfood. When it finally arrived I had a beef burger. The told me she thought I wanted beans on my burger. I clearly ordered aMushroom Swiss cheese Black Bean Burger. When the correct order wasn't ready in 10 minutes and everyone else at the table wasfinished eating I told the server to put my order in a to go box. My husband ordered a margarita, he had to remind the serverafter 10 minutes about his margarita. A sweet tea was unsweetened, that was returned. The server was very friendly polite andfunny so I was okay about the wrong order and the time it took to receive of food. Read more

samantha garcia 1 year ago

I went here with my boyfriend the food was good but when they brought the food out the waiter dropped the food on my boyfriend... and didn?t even apologize or give any discount. Bought a street corn that we ordered after we were done eating ready to leave.Horrible service! Do not recommend Read more

Jerri McDaniel 1 year ago

Great food, excellent service from our server. Food was served quickly. Our server checked often to see if we needed refills on... our beverages or if there was anything else she could do for us. Great experience all the way around! Read more

Jason V. ?Mr. STRAIGHT8? Magsby 1 year ago

Had to give them a 3star because they kept forgetting to get our orders right I order full slab they gave me half my wife order... tx trio they forgot to put her tenders & garlic toast on her tray We order blackberry tea they forgot to put the blackberry inthe tea. I got my other half a lil later & she got her tenders & garlic bread when she was about finished with her other foodthen she realized that wasn't there. But the waiter was very helpful as well so that's why I gave them a 3star for thisexperience Read more

Mark Christenson 1 year ago

I've lived here 7 years now and only been here 2 times. Food was just ok but it took over an hour to get our food... (pre-pandemic). Thought we'd give it another try. Ordered it for take out. It was ready when it said. Wife got fajitas, she saidit was good. I ordered the full rack of ribs. Wasn't quite a full rack and half of it was dry that I fed to the dogs. I'm donewith this place. Read more

Kyle Leonard 1 year ago

I ate here Saturday and had amazing service with a red headed woman and we liked it so much we wanted to come back today well we... sat at the. Front door for 10 min then we were sat then 35 min later are sever who passed us probably 10 times comes up and askwhat we want and we go ahead and order and my girlfriend is told she can?t order all three things she wants. So we get up toleave because the black lady was extremely rude to us Read more

RosieMarie Regis 2 years ago

Bar area seating closed. Olivia was off so you may as well close the joint. One server. One hostess. 15 minutes to be seated... because I don?t guess they have anyone cleaning tables either. Items unavailable to make lunch menu items. Would be a good placeto have a restaurant and bar. We left. Don?t know that we?ll be back. Would have given NO stars today if I could. Pitiful!!!! Read more

Lexi Netterville 2 years ago

the woman handed us our drinks and we asked which one was which, she said in response ?I don?t know, sniff em?. it was... disappointing. Read more