Reviews for Bonefish Grill in Bel Air, MD

Mia Vignola 1 year ago

We loved the beef and ginger pot stickers. The pumpkin ravioli was delicious. We ended with the pumpkin lava cake which was a... little dry but still tasty. Read more

Roshon Martin 1 year ago

Came in on August 10th 2022?.. The service was great ? Been to Bone Fish and grill 2x .. Once in Long Island NY and it was so... so. This one in Bel Air was delish.. The Champagne was chilled to perfection .. I had the sirloin off the dinner for 2 andadded a lobster tail. ???????? Steak was cooked to temp a nice medium. I can?t remember my servers name. She had a nose ringand I sat at the first booth to the right when coming in. Being a Chef, I?m not sure if a nose ring is good for food service.. All and all she did a great job accommodating us. Read more

Richard Watson 1 year ago

Did lunch at the Bonefish Grill in Bel Air. The fish tacos were good, as was the fish and chips. Good food, but not a lot of it.... The tacos had lots of delicious sauce but came up short on the fish?not much there. The accompanying French fries were the same,good but not many of them. Then came the fish and chips. Plenty of fish that was cooked just right, but also short on the fries.Have you ever had iced tea that hardly had any color or taste to it? Yup, short on the tea bags! Maybe there?s new help in thekitchen. A so so lunch at a high price. Not a good experience. I?ve dined at The Bonefish before and loved it. Hopefully thiswas an anomaly. Read more

Sandra Norum 1 year ago

The food was really good, the brownies were delicious.

Michael Martin 1 year ago

The Bonefish Signature Pasta had me takin a Covid test because it was flavorless, it tasted like pasta noodles that were water... flavored. I had someone else taste it and they agreed. I have had good items off the menu previously but this pasta was a Bigletdown. Hoping it was an off night and this isn?t being served on the daily. Read more

Deb W 1 year ago

Went for a late dinner about 2 hours before closing. The host sat us immediately. It was pretty empty about 3 other tables. We... sat and watched about 4 different servers just walk by us without a word. We waited patiently knowing how restaurant staff isscarce and overworked but after 15 mins of not even a "I will be right with you" we got up and located the restaurant manager.She asked the servers who was supposed to be taking care of us and they just stood shrugging. Clearly the servers knew we werentbeing helped but seemed like none of them want to be bothered. Although the servers were TERRIBLE, the manager was very nice,apologetic and tried to get us to stay. Read more

Dennis Wildberger 2 years ago

The Bonefish Grill, no matter which location, always provides quality food. This one in Bel Air is excellent. Yes, they are... suffering from staffing issues like most restaurants, but the staff does a top-notch job. Read more

Vladimir Popik 5 years ago

There are few restaurants that seem to encompass everything that any person might want, and do it so masterfully. Bonefish Grill... seems to be one of those few locations. I have gone here many times, and each time is nothing short of a 5 Star experience.Waiters and waitresses are nice and friendly, the place always seems to be spotless, and seating is always plentiful. Even if Ihad to wait 30+ mins, there is nice outside seating for waiting guests. Now to the food: absolutely delicious. Everything I havetried here, from the main dishes both land and sea and their plentiful appetizers, always leaves me full and satisfied. Icouldn?t recommend this play more, you simply cannot miss going to this place! Pictures below are some of the meals my familyand I had yesterday: (in order) Calamari appetizer, Famous Bang Bang Shrimp appetizer, Chicken Tender kids meal (for the kid ofcourse), 8 oz. Sea Bass with Mango Salsa and Potatoes Au Gratin and Asparagus, Bowl of Clam and Lump Crab Chowder, and Lily?sChicken with additional Shrimp Skewers and Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Read more