Reviews for Aji Sai in Belleville, ON

Pamela Royle 1 year ago

This restaurant has sadly gone downhill. This used to be one of our favorite places and I dont think we'll be eating here again.... We ordered take out and 1/3 of our food was inedible. The gyozas were rock hard and the seaweed and wakami salad tasted rancid.The fish on the rolls has been cut in half from what you used to get and half of the inside of the roll is just cucumber. Itcost over $100 for less than mediocre food. Read more

David S 1 year ago

They cancelled all you can eat but the sign outside still says that you can have it. The food is not good, sashimi is not... fresh. The food that they put onto your table is quite different from what you ordered. The miso soup comes without spoons. Youhave to wave So many times to grab attention Read more

Cory G 1 year ago

When we moved to the area 4 years ago I was bummed about the food. Missed the big city food. This place made me feel like I was... back in Ottawa. The wife and I would come here for the buffet and we wouldn't leave until we both couldn't breath lol greatselection and service. They only do pickup now even though it's more expensive the food is still fresh and amazing. If you lovesushi go here. Read more

Mark Windmar 1 year ago

Their business model has changed from ?great food, friendly and low price? to ?mediocre food, expensive and very rude? We found... the food was not as good as it used to be before Covid. Much of the seafood tasted watery, as if it was frozen, and the misosoup was almost cold. But what really insulted us was when we were given the bill, the cashier pointed out in a stern voice, notonce, but twice that tips were not included!! Now we know why there were so few customers there. Read more

halsey 38 1 year ago

Used to go here all the time for the buffet. It's been over 2 years and they won't reopen the buffet. Such a shame. Since the... pandemic started aji sai was delivery only. I get it . It?s supposed to be all you can eat and sushi is expensive. Well theseats are back open but no all you can eat! Why? Because they make more money! Well I think this is ridiculous. And I boycottthem for being greedy!! Read more

jenn jimmo 1 year ago

Ordered take out. Large quantity, ok quality. Decent price. Sushi was dry, minimal filler. I think it would be much better for... it's sit down, ayce. Read more

Real Feedback 1 year ago

This is probably the worst restaurant I have ever been: 1. The waitress did not understand/spoke well English, could not explain... the dishes, wrote the order in Chinese, making it difficult to know if she is getting your oder right. 2. The worst part: theyserve their food in paper plates! 3. We were two families, it took them 4 attempts to split the bill correctly! 4. The food wasterrible! The chicken teriyaki tasted like cheap boiled chicken, honestly, I don't know how you can get this wrong. My childrenlove sushi and they did not want to eat their order! The place itself looks very decent, they really need to work on their foodand service! Read more

Lor K 2 years ago

Staff was super nice and I?m VERY grateful to them as one of the few Asian restaurants in Belleville. The portion of shrimp with... their noodles was generous and the Singapore noodles were tasty. My only warning is the pad Thai is made with ketchup (Ibelieve) Read more