Reviews for Shoeless Joe's Sports Grill in Belleville, ON

Andrea Johnston 1 year ago

Okay, I've given this place more than one chance but no more. It used to have decent food but for three dinners in a row the... food has been horrible. Tonight, the burger was cold, the bun stale, and the fries either hard or soggy. No more. Seems likethe chef is trying to recycle food to save money. Read more

Lily Woods 1 year ago

It?s pretty mediocre to be honest. Prices seemed high, but most places are now. My salad was excellent, but my dads burger was... sopping in grease and the fries were like biting into a packet of grease. Not so good. The server wasn?t as enthusiastic as Iwould have hoped. She gave us our things and that was it. Honestly I?d rather chuck?s just down the road as the service is greatand the food is a lot cheaper and better! Read more

Blue Bugayong 1 year ago

This place should start promoting 50% off all appetizers starting at 9pm every day it's open! Then they will get 5 stars from... everybody that has been there! Will guarantee make guests come back back again! Read more

L Bennitz 1 year ago

Good portion size of tasteless food, I mentioned it to the server, she did offer to bring out more sauce or butter, butter MAY... have helped, but who wants to eat that much butter, the sauce was the tasteless part, no seasoning of the water for the pastabefore cooking because the pasta was chewy and tasteless. The chicken that came premade that all they had to do was deep fry andslice had some flavour. Their menu is too streamlined now, we used to go to Shoeless Joes quite frequently (different location),but im pretty sure this will be our last time Read more

Khushboo Abhani 1 year ago

Good Food. Very less quantity though and more expensive. Cocktails are great too

ML M 1 year ago

We travelled far yesterday. Only thing open at 9;30 in Belleville on a Tuesday night was this place. The "hostess" a young... extremely moody young girl with long straight hair and a black t shirt, dragged her seemingly exhausted,lifeless body to atable, slapped the menus on the table and slunk away. No eye contact. Said nothing! We were so shocked by her demeanor we almostleft, thinking she might do something to our food seeing as she certainly didn't seem to want us in there. Driven by hunger,feeling brave, we stayed. A different young woman with hair up in a bun took our orders. She was pretty surly too but betterthan the "greeter". We had mushroom/cheese flatbreads, wanting it to be quick and easy for them. Turned out to be really tasty.Served on cutting boards. Nice. A total surprise that the food was so good and well presented! We even had dessert! The frontof house staff are so weirdly surly though. A shame. It would help the restaurant to treat customers with more professionalism. Read more

Noah Gould 2 years ago

I found myself in Belleville for a few hours before the Sens game and I was itching for a healthy, substantial vegan meal. I was... pleased to be able to eat a delicious launch, consisting of mostly vegetables. It was easy to choose a good option. I encourageshoeless Joe's to continue to expand their menu, to include more delicious plant-based options. Read more

Amanda Sherwood 2 years ago

Great food, portion sizes were amazing. I definitely had lunch for the next day. Great atmosphere and Friendly staff.