Reviews for Subway in Benzonia, MI

Lisa Morgan 1 year ago

Our sandwiches were tasty so I'll start there. However this store is extra busy in season and always understaffed. A manager... should have come in if they were that busy. They had NO bread at 6pm so we had to have wraps or flatbread, no steak, and a fewother items. The staff were friendly and helpful tho and smiling thru it all while customers were grumbling and rude to them.This is a comment of management not staff. Still worth it lol, love my Subway sandwiches. Read more

Stephanie Samuel 2 years ago

Staff was amazing!! All of our subs were made perfect! The staff went above and beyond!! Also bread was made perfect! It?s our... family?s favorite subway! We stop every time we pass!! ???? Read more

The boss Water 2 years ago

Terrible!! The place was filthy. They didn?t even have a clean knife to cut my bread. The girl had to tear it. The veggies and... meats and cheese were not fresh. She wrapped my sandwich in a paper that had something spilled all over it. The healthdepartment needs to go in there. She did have on gloves, but she touched everything around her before making my sandwich. Ithrew the sand which out!! I would never recommend this place to anyone. Read more

Alexa Morey 3 years ago

We arrived to Subway 10 minutes before they closed and asked the worker if she was still open and she said obviously annoyed... "yeah we're making subs what can I get you." She squished the breads when she cut into them and we felt very rushed the wholetime, when it came to the toppings she tossed them all at the subs really. I asked for banana peppers and there was about fourin the container she opened, instead of grabbing more she dumped the four peppers on my foot long sub along with a quartercontainer of juice leaving me with a soggy sub. I almost just walked out at that point. Wouldn't recommend Read more

3rd Coast 3 years ago

Convenient place to pick up a sub before going canoeing on the Lower Platte River. Quick service. Had to of course wear a mask... due to COVID-19. Irritating to see another customer in line who did not know how to wear a mask and was wearing it below hisnose. Read more

Kirstin Gilland 4 years ago

I placed an online order and proceeded to go pick it up. Once I arrived I was told they only had enough Steak for one of the... footlong sandwiches I ordered... so I changed what I ordered... they did not refund the difference of the 2 sandwiches becausewhen I asked they said they would have to contact their manager because they were unsure how to do that. I honestly wouldn't bethis upset if this was the first time we've had problems... the last 3 times we have ordered from their they either were low onbread.... out of the bread that we had ordered... or out of the meat that we had ordered. On one occasion I was unaware thatthey closed at 8 pm... I placed a remote order just before 8 pm and when I walked into Stapletons one of the Stapleton'semployees made a snarky remark "you know they close at 8 right?" Well to be completely honest NO I DIDN'T... Read more

aaron shaver 5 years ago

Over the years it's gone down hill..... You get mostly bread when you order unless you order double meat and get charged more,... and half the time it just does not even taste good. I've gone in recently and THEY WERE OUT OF BREAD!! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN ANDTHEY STAY OPEN..... they were not even making more they didn't care. I don't even bother going back since finding another subshop. Not worth the drive to save a few dollars on a junk sub. Read more

lost gaming 5 years ago

Good service and the workers are always nice and don't make a fuss when u ask them what kind of food u would like at their... restaurant they always get it down at a pace where I'll can see how ur food is getting made Read more