Reviews for Grandpa's Cafe in Berthoud, CO

Taylor 1 year ago

We wanted to try a local breakfast place the other morning and Grandpa's Cafe popped up, so we decided to give it a try. The... wife ordered the Eggs Benedict with a side of pancakes. She said the Benedict wasn't too bad, just a little watery and scatteredon the plate. The presentation of them didn't look the best. The pancakes tastes very off, neither of us could figure outexactly what was wrong with them, but something definitely tastes off. I went with Bisquits & Gravy with a side of hashbrowns.The Bisquits & Gravy were pretty good, the Gravy was seasoned pretty well. Unfortunately I can't say the same for thehashbrowns. They were super bland and drenched in oil still, there was a small pool of oil under them on the plate. Overall,not a bad place with a few hiccups. I would definitely consider giving this Cafe another chance. Read more

Jasmine M 1 year ago

Amazing! Grandpas may be our new favorite place. They have the old American food favorites and they have a new Colorado Curry... menu. OMG! I can?t tell you how lucky we are to have this place. Our family never agrees on where to go. We only ended up herebecause they have dual menu?s. This place has something for everyone. The burgers are huge and delicious. The rice is cookedperfectly. The Indian food was better than we have had at similar restaurants. So many options, every dish was outstanding. Youcan pick the spice level for each dish. The atmosphere is so welcoming, clean, friendly, laid back, and still oddly has a smalltown feel. The staff was great too. We highly recommend!!! Read more

Johnny Devillier 1 year ago

The food was great! The place was very nice! Service was excellent!

Double D 1 year ago

A good ole diner. Servers were all very pleasant and seemed to enjoy their job. Grandpas is where all the locals go for home... cooked meals. I had the biscuits and gravy. Good breakfast sausage gravy biscuits fresh and very tasty. Would and will orderagain! Read more

Scott Eggert 2 years ago

Good breakfast, indoor and outdoor seating. Cinni-Mini pancakes are excellent. Senior discounts.

Branden L 2 years ago

Ordered a breakfast burrito, got a burrito filled with half-cooked hash browns. Huge let down. Also got a side order of biscuits... with "sausage" gravy. But it was just white gravy. Don't think I will be back. Read more

Scott Oney 2 years ago

The best breakfast I've had in a long time. The cooking tastes straight out of grandpa's kitchen and the portions are very... generous. Can't beat the prices either! I'm definitely coming back to try their lunch menu. Read more

Colton Schwader 2 years ago

Pics say all. How this location carried themselves during the pandemics peak was questionable at best but clearly they have... suffered to recover. Burnt sandwiches, floppy over done fries with old oil. ?Fruit Cup? is nothing but over ripened cantaloupewith almost no actual fruit on it. Don?t think you?re safe ordering anything fried either like the country fried chicken unlessyou want it to be soggy than a loaf of bread in the bathtub. Only thing satisfying where the cinnamon pancakes but for what youget and what you pay you?d be better off going to Kofe House. Only recommended for patrons who want down home country cookingbut quality matters less than their political beliefs. Read more