Reviews for Screaming Banshee Pizza in Bisbee, AZ

Courtney Manker 1 year ago

Today was my second time eating here and I would definitely go back when in Bisbee. The building is charming and the pizza is... satisfying. My boyfriend and I shared the Screaming Banshee pizza (minus the onions) and it was good. We got it ?bloody? andwith meatballs. I don?t think I?d order this pizza when going back just because it wasn?t as flavorful as I would have liked,but no doubt that the ingredients were of good quality and the crust is so tasty. Read more

Ames T 1 year ago

We went here because the reviews were great, but we did not have the same experience. The pizza was pizza... nothing special... about it. The calzone that my mom ordered was delicious (breading was buttery and melt-in-your-mouth yum), wish I would haveordered that. The screaming dip tasted like only ricotta cheese. We asked about a pasta we saw a pic of online because wecouldn't find any pasta on the menu, and our waitress made it seem like we should know what the pasta is. The menu looks fun butis chaotic, which matches the name of the restaurant (I guess that's quirky & fun, but was hard to read). Our waitress seemedsnarky and made the experience uncomfortable. Since we had a party of 8, the tip was already figured into the total, butrecommended tip amounts were still provided...we were about to give our usual tip when we noticed 18% is already figured in (Ihate when restaurants do this because then we tip only the 18% when we normally would tip 25%, only because it's irritating thatwe almost tipped 43% had we not been paying attention). So it looked like the waitress got less from us and she stood therelooking at our signed tab and asked why we tipped so low, "was my service not good?" Will not go here again. She also pointedout when we ordered that we're not ordering enough food for 8 people and she tried to get us to order a third pizza. Three ofour people are little kids. We ordered two pizzas, a calzone and an appetizer and it was plenty. I won't go here again. Read more

Andrew Nguyen 1 year ago

Food was amazing. The SPIN DIP was my favorite. To be honest, I don?t like pizza, but I came here in 2019 and I had to let my... wife try it because the pizza was so good. The cucumber margarita was very refreshing. Every staff member we encountered wasvery polite and soft spoken. Only thing was we sat outside because it was kinda humid inside. Read more

Seth Conder 1 year ago

The pizza was delicious and the honey chipotle wings were really good. My family and I were (unsuccessfully) trying to take a... family selfie and the server offered to take the picture for us. The overall environment and vibe is great. Read more

Alyson Westpfahl 2 years ago

I had a fantastic time here. The vibe is great. My waitress was super friendly and nice. Indoor and outdoor seating available. I... ordered garlic knots, margherita, pizza and a Kilt Lifter. Everything was outstanding. I will definitely be back. Read more

Danial Sims 2 years ago

Love going to this small town and eating at this establishment, which is pretty much a staple of Bisbee. The pizza and... toppings are very fresh and made to order. The wait staff are pleasant. The atmosphere and background music are a good mix ofwhat this restaurant represents: a Screaming Banshee! Read more

Carey Crane 2 years ago

It's a very nice place with outdoor seating! The staff is very friendly. I had the Vortex Margarita, and the garlic knots were... amazing. I tried ordering a Stromboli, and it wasn't what I expected. They serve what I call Neuvo Italian and I like classicItalian. I should have stuck to the pizzas which looked really good. Read more

Joshua Luke 2 years ago

Cool location with lots of local touches. Staff were pretty good but clearly overworked. Service was somewhat slow when we went.... The food was pretty good but we weren?t a huge fan of the pizza sauce. It tasted as though they were using lower quality cannedtomatoes. Still a decent option. Read more