Reviews for Taco Bell in Bloomington, IL

Jacob Duquennne 1 year ago

Good for the speed and good for the price. The workers are always pleasant and really nice. The trick to maximize value is to... stay still after eating, clinch up the ring, and try to hold it in from blowing out your ash ten minutes later. Still, though, Ilove the Diablo sauce! It's even better when it's spitting out after. -peace Read more

Bill Calvert 1 year ago

Prices have gone way up since I went there last about 8 months ago. We spent over $7 each and were still hungry. Our real... Mexican restaurant in Clinton fills you up for about the same price and the quality is much better. Read more

Dhruv Patel 1 year ago

We got some Mexican pizza tonight. The pizza shell were oily, it stink bad and the beans were dry. When I called the store to... complain, the employee over phone was not helpful at all. He said, ?if I replace this order I will get in trouble.? He also said?the pizza shell and beans were up to standard.? Read more

LilShadowOTS 1 year ago

The whole staff from 5pm-6pm on 9/27/22 was fantastic! The person who gave me my meal was very bubbly and polite! I made a... mistake and added guacamole to my burrito instead of making it a side. They were very kind and helpful. I feel really bad for mymistake, I couldn't see the guacamole until halfway through my burrito ???? Read more

Miranda McFarland 1 year ago

Full crew still can't get nothing out. Not changing gloves gross. They still can't get orders out. 'm a dasher and everytime... I come here they are hardly busy and only tend to drive thru until the last minute, it's irritating. If you're going to adddelivery then you should have the customers meal ready to go so the dasher doesn't have to waste their dash time waiting onincompetent employees. Read more

Becky Ramirez 1 year ago

Food is good but service is a little slow. I get it that it's busy and understaffed but I shouldn't have to wait 30 minutes for... my food and drinks at a fast food place. Luckily though good things come to those who wait...the sparkling tea is AWESOME Read more

Rhiannon Hamann 1 year ago

The woman who took our order was very rude, the customer service was awful? we spent over $30 on Cold food that was thrown... together .. when We requested our food be a specific way we were told ?it comes how it comes?.. I don?t recommend coming to thislocation . Their food quality is trash and the customer service is much to be desired. Read more

David Reeves 1 year ago

The restrooms are filthy and there was no paper towels to dry your hands only a blow dryer that doesn?t do the job. Went to the... lobby to order and stood there 5 minutes before someone took my order. There was no one else in there?.. when the taco line dudetold the girl to stop talking and take my order she was rude and short with me. Not my fault she don?t take her job serious.Thus, why that job only deserves $5/ hour wages. This place was terrible. The guy who made my food also had to bring it to me.Again, she away talking when she should be paying attention to her customers. My last time there. Promise. Read more