Reviews for Red Chair Café & Bar in Bozeman, MT

Rick Lee

Nice atmosphere had a ruben meat was pretty tough wouldn't order that again

Anna Kalfs

My fiance and I used to love coming to this restaurant; however, our experience last night was far from satisfactory. I ordered... a salad and requested the dressing on the side. When the food was brought to our table, my salad came swimming in dressing. Ibrought this to our waitress' attention. I was asked to try it and if it didn't taste good she would fix it. She proceeded toignore our table for the next 25 minutes. No check in, no refill on drinks, nothing. When she came back, she asked if we wanteddessert -- completely ignoring my salad bowl was completely full and untouched. She proceeded to hand us the bill and when askedto have the salad removed from the bill, she never apologized or offered to get me another salad or any food for that matter. Wewatched her talk with her manager, who also never came to our table to address the issue. I came in for dinner and never evengot to eat. Unacceptable service. Unprofessional. Unorganized. Lacks tact. No drive for a job well done. I highly recommenddining elsewhere for a positive experience. Red Chair has clearly lost their passion for providing good customer service. Read more

Katie Lindsay

previously, my review was 5 stars. But recently things have gone down hill and now I can only give two stars. Red chair was one... my favorites and is no longer, it’s a bummer! Read more

Vincent Stephan

Friendly staff, excellent service and beautiful views! Oh and the food was great too. My wife and I had a wonderful time and a... delicious cookie at the end. Thanks Read more

Courtney Reisig

I don't normally leave negative reviews, but this time I had to. My husband and I used to love coming here BUT, they recently... changed their entire menu. I ordered the Nachos and a side salad, as I have in the past, and out came TOTALLY different nachos.The ones they had before were on a BIG tray with real melted cheese and lots of awesome toppings and let me tell you they wereDELICIOUS. This time; however, they came out in a small skillet. It was a few chips with fake cheese sauce, sour cream,guacamole, and salsa. That was it. I had ordered this as my meal! I was so disappointed. PLEASE PLEASE bring back your traynachos! Those made this place my favorite restaurant in Bozeman once upon a time. THIS BEING SAID, the atmosphere and staff wasWONDERFUL as always =]. And my side salad was good! Read more