Reviews for McAlister's Deli in Brandon, MS

Tony Williams 1 year ago

On site service is lacking a very slow. Don't think you can get around that issue buying calling in an order, as they refuse to... answer the phone. Read more

Candy G 1 year ago

It always seems like this place can't get organized or structured or idk something! I normally order curbside & here recently i... ended up having to go inside to pick up my meal bc no one would come out to my car! I wasn't the only one "left by the curb" bcthere were other families waiting at curbside that were getting just as upset with the service (or lack there of) as I was! I'mgoing to take a break from this place & hopefully people will screw their heads on a little tighter & start paying attention. Read more

Juanita Radford 1 year ago

Ordered dinner online . Waited 40 minutes . Somehow lost the order in the computer system . The manager was rude . When I... finally did receive the order . Soup was upside down and spilling into the bag . Read more

kasey edwards 2 years ago

I ordered my food at like 8:40. Pulled in to Curbside to check in and had me food by 8:55. The waitress was so kind!

Jessie Allen 2 years ago

Sat at the register tonight with no one in line for almost 5 minutes waiting for our order to be taken. due to the fact the one... person doing orders seemed more worried about getting everything cleaned off, and shut down, with an hour left in the schedule.I understand labor shortages and this that and the other, but the customer service once we were acknowledged was terrible. Read more

Tiffany Mosley 2 years ago

Ordered curbside and Gavin brought it out as soon as we clicked the "I'm here" icon on the app... he's always such a... pleasure....people don't forget to tip the person that brings you your order to your vehicle!!! And my salad was delicious ???? Read more

Taylor Gatwood 2 years ago

I ordered a craft your own turkey sandwich with cheese and Mayo. They brought out a sandwich with no meat on it so I sent it... back because that?s not what I ordered. 15 minutes later I walk to the counter to see if someone would check on it and I wastold that I would have to pay for the turkey (bc the girl didn?t ring it up at the register). So I asked for a refund bc I didnot think that was right. I then stand up there for several more minutes being ignored. I approached a different personexplaining what happened and she hands me the refund receipt. I asked her why no one was willing to help me after being ignoredand she said she thought someone told me that I was getting a refund. I was never told anything. Very poor customer service.Couldn?t get my order right and then ignored me after they screwed up. Read more

Jim and Chrystal Peery 7 years ago

Today McAllister's had a free club with the purchase of a tea using their online app. The picture I took doesn't do justice to... the multiple lines stretching out the door. Even though it could have been a very chaotic situation (and one of Brandon'spolice officers were standing point at location in case they were needed), I only had to wait 10-15 minutes beyond when theonline app estimated my ready time. Management and employees were smiling and still very courteous despite my knowing fromexperience of managing in food service previously the stress and pressure they were feeling from having a room full of hungryand possibly upset individuals. I have eaten here several times prior when there were no freebie specials and the service andquality has always been of a high standard. Read more