Reviews for Pizzeria Napoli in Breslau, ON

J B 1 year ago

We are fond of their pizza. Truly an old style neighborhood pizza place! We can pick this anytime over some other franchise... pizzas. We like their crust only if it's well-done which they don't do by default so that's only the problem we have. Breslauis lucky to have them in the neighborhood. Read more

Mike Vang 1 year ago

Very friendly place, stopped by for a pizza sub

Phoenix 1 year ago

honestly one of my favourite spots to get a pizza from. the flavour of their pizzas is amazing and unmatched. i?ve been getting... pizza from here for years and i still enjoy it just as much as i did when i first started. overall, awesome pizzas for a greatprice :) Read more

sarah Timmins 1 year ago

We were stuck at the airport with no food and it was so nice to get Napoli pizza delivered. Amazing pizza. Best I?ve had in many... years. The wings were delish. Nice delivery person. Try it out!! Thanks again Read more

Sumit Kakkar 1 year ago

Pizza was good and tasty but crust was bit hard

Marco D. (Pana) 2 years ago

Stopped by this evening while working in the area. I assume it was the owner whom I spoke too. He was a nice guy and makes an... honest nice pizza. I also like to support a local place vs a chain pizza place. It is always refreshing to have pizza withpersonality. While I was not blown away with the crust the toppings made up for it. I recommend this pizza place if you are inthe area. Hot and fresh is always the best way to try a pizza. Thank you for your time. Read more

Tomasz Makary Kowacki 2 years ago

Not sure what happened Saturday but man worst pizza I've bought in a while. Updating my 5 star review to 2 star Got a... masterpiece XL BBQ chicken pizza with peppers and BBQ sauce on top. Should have checked but trusted quality and took ithome. Turns out masterpiece didn't have what i paid for. Was pretty plain , no peppers, very little chicken maybe a tablespoonworth...tiny pieces, some slices no meat at all and very thin.... ordered regular crust not thin. Paid a nice $35 too .Disappointing. Quality has gone downhill. That was no masterpiece that was master cheap :( Read more

Samir Sharda 2 years ago

Pizzeria Napoli is the best pizza that I have ever had in my life. In the past I?ve credited places such as Mackays pizza out in... Brampton, but Napoli is just out of this world. The crust was crisped to perfection, amazingly flavourful sauce, freshingredients. You want pizza, you get it from here. Read more