Reviews for Taco Bell in Brookings, OR

James 1 year ago

Burritos could be poured into a cup. Consistency was horribly watered down. Great service, however.

Robert Taylor 1 year ago

Lacking lobby service since the staffing issues and I need lobby service most if the time because my vehicle is usually not able... to use drive thru butt this store has higher clearance than most so I was able to utilize it Read more

Jennifer Smith 1 year ago

Ordered inside thinking we would get our food faster... nope, we ordered 4 tacos and some popcorn chicken. We sat there for... almost an hr & a half before noticing they had skipped our order number and were calling out 2 numbers after us!! Theyoverlooked our ticket!! They could barely apologize & acted as if it was inconveniencing them... and they messed up 2 of thetacos and the popcorn chicken only actually had 5peices inside with actual chicken in it. The rest was tiny nuggets of friedbreading. So hard & crunchy my dog barely ate it. His dog food was easier than that. Very very dissapointed ???? Read more

Robert Rinehart 1 year ago

It is a KFC taco bell combo and well they where out of a lot of things and don't bother telling me till about 20 mins after I... ordered. They asked if I wanted exchange the items for something else. I got a complete refund and left. Very upset for waistingmy dang time Read more

Edith Potter 1 year ago

We got what we ordered promptly. The staff put up with our jokes and were friendly. The staff custom made my friends order as he... was disappointed in the vegetarian offerings. Kudos to the Crescent City Taco Bell! Read more

Wango Tango 1 year ago

HORRIBLE service. Waited 15 minutes while they served the drive thru only to find they hadn't even started my order. Got a... refund and left. This place needs an adult manager present to oversee operations. Read more

S L 1 year ago

They got mad at me because I wanted my full change for my meal. Didn't even bother to say anything or put a sign before having... to wait in the drive thru. Constantly having problems with this taco bell. Pic for explaining this place in a nut shell. Read more

Carole C. Cave 2 years ago

Awesome, they give you what you pay for. This pic is how I was ripped off every time from another taco bell no Brookings. That... is the only one I will go to now. Read more