Reviews for The Drake in Burlington, IA

Rachel Albrecht 1 year ago

We've been several times and enjoy the place and the food.

Bob O'Boyle 1 year ago

Late Saturday dinner. The server was friendly, but seemed to be new. Ordered the classic martini with a lemon twist. It came out... without the lemon, and asked to have it added. First mistake. The lemon "twist" had more white pith than I've ever seen in amartini. Ordered the 16 oz ribeye medium-rare with broccoli and a salad. The salad was wilted, doused it in dressing. When thesteak came out, I cut into and it was done to a very acceptable medium-rare. As I started to cut into it, noticed it was rathertough with lots of gristle and inedible fat. The broccoli was okay, but a bit overcooked and soft. I ate about half the steak,but was not willing to finish it as it did not get better in the thicker part of the steak. Server asked if I wanted to take ithome. Declined and voiced my concerns to her. She offered to have it cooked more (?) which would not have improved it. She leftfor a few minutes, and came back to ask again, and I said I did not want to take it. She did offer an apology that it was not tomy liking, but nothing else. That definitely was not a $36+ piece of meat. As a side note; the cloth napkin felt greasy andheavy. It seems The Drake has been declining over the last few visits. Read more

Ted Palmer 1 year ago

Went for a 60th anniversary dinner. Server was fantastic. Ambiance we very nice. Thought we would be in a private room so as to... be able to mingle.There were 20 guests. Ended up being a long table. Menu had very good assortment of options but I found thefood to be just okay at best. Would rate 3.5 stars but that is not an option. Read more

Maureen VanBrooker 1 year ago

Took our mom here for a Birthday Lunch, thank god we got an appetizer, soup, and salad, for it was an hour in between the main... course. Plenty of staff working, the restaurant was clean inside and out. Restrooms were stocked and maintained. Our waitressseemed alittle scattered. Asked for a water, two unsweetened ice teas and a raspberry tea, all 3 teas were raspberry. My $30 BBQsampler had too much BBQ sauce on it for my liking. The cornbread was very dry & crusty. My husband had an elk burger that wasskimpy with Drake Fries, which were like potato wedges. It was barely what we call a *Burger*, however our parents loved theShrimp Scampi, Sweet Potato Fries & Pot Roast with Gravy, Real mashed potatoes, and green beans. Read more

Cadence Giddings 1 year ago

The perfect place for summer food and drinks. Their cocktails are fabulous and the service is good too. The patio seating area... is a wonderful place to kick back and sip on a summer night with friends. Read more

Andrea Birch 2 years ago

If you choose to eat here call and make reservations first to be safe. My hubby picked out the restaurant for our date night I... was excited to sit next to the river and watch it whilee ate ...First disappointment!! Couldn't see it at all. Food...I hadthe bbq sampler platterI wanted some leftovers. Second disappointment . Everything was dried out. Smothering it in sauce isn'tgoing to help. Beans and coleslaw were the sides also not great. They did take it off our bill. Soooo, Shouldn't EVER have topay for bad food. Their customers service is excellent. My hubby ordered the pot roast. It was pretty good. He said the greenbeans were over done. Side salad was fair. The standard of this restaurant seemed like things should have been much better Mysoup was cheesy potato... not much flavor at all? Personally.... I'll probably not be back. It's too expensive to not providebetter food. My son makes far better ribs in his little smoker. Ask for sauce on the side if you don't like everything doused insauce Our server was excellent. That was refreshing for sure. As busy as this place is, I'm assuming I just had bad luck. Sogive it a go. Read more

Saysha Arnett 2 years ago

This place is absolutely awesome... The food, BOMBAY. You have to get the Hooter Fries, OMGGG. Finally a place that knows how to... throw down in a slight upper scale kind of way. Yet folks come as they are, no dressing up which I kinda wish they did. Oh noone wearing masks not even the kitchen crew, kinda creepy. But it was the best Dam food I've had in almost a year???????????.It's definitely a place to check out and you can see the Mississippi from the windows. Read more

Rodney Yoswig 2 years ago

1st time here and its now on the list for return visits. Menu has a great selection of dishes, sandwiches, pizza's and salads... and some good appetizers. The food was simply amazing. The cooks did and outstanding job on our dishes. Waitress Elle wasperfect! Read more