Reviews for Starbucks in Caledonia, MI

Gina Harrington 1 year ago

Excellent customer service ????

Dianne Rogers 1 year ago

Excellent atmosphere, friendly and very good drink

Stephanie Blake 1 year ago

Normally the girls have always been nice and polite. Today one girl was but the other made a rude and uncalled for comment.... Apparently she thinks people are stupid for asking for light ice. With as much as the drinks cost I'm paying for the drink not acup FULL of ice. They usually fill the cup so full of ice there is barely any drink in it. Read more

Sarah Paustian 1 year ago

Love this one especially the people working here are wonderful.????????????

Jenn Hustwick 2 years ago

I just had THE WORST EXPERIENCE! I paid for a pistachio latte that was supposed to be 50% off..got charged full price and then... instead of making my drink she stood there and proceeded to ring up an employee! The employee was buying bagels from theSUPERMARKET! This process was continuing for awhile as they chatted amongst themselves.. I find it rude and unprofessional! AlsoI don't think Starbucks is supposed to be checking out D&W guests not to mention employees.. Read more

Sparty 92 (Cris) 2 years ago

No service with a smile, but my sweet cream cold brew was perfect :)

scott brand 2 years ago

I think starbucks is a good business especially their marketing. Here is something that really gives me a chuckle. Everyone... whines bellyaches about paying 3.19 for a gallon of gas. Has no problem paying 6 or 7 dollars for a cup of coffee. Go figure. Read more

Madison Rose 3 years ago

I wish I would have gotten her name, but one of the girls went above and beyond for me yesterday. She made my entire day!... Absolutely great customer service. Read more