Reviews for Broken City in Calgary, AB

Bobby Nguyen 1 year ago

Love this small grungy dive bar. It's got great drinks, nice staff, tons of sweet events & music, and friendly people :) I've... got no comment on the food since I haven't tried it, but as for drinks my go-to would be their 2oz blue hawaiian. Staff ischill, have had better experiences here than other places in Calgary. *ahem* Won't name them but yeah... There's something foreveryone in terms of events, they've got comedy nights on Monday, quiz nights on Tuesday, bands that come out to play onWednesday & Thursday, and hip-hop night on Saturday which usually has the younger crowd (but boy it's a blast). It's a placewhere I can easily vibe with just about anyone :) I've only been here a few times but I'm definitely gonna be a regular. Read more

Katherine Connolly 1 year ago

Broken City is a big favourite of mine in Calgary. Great events spanning from trivia and fundraisers to bands and DJ sets. ... Great vibe, amazing service, solid vegetarian menu (and I'm not even vegetarian!). This is my go-to place most of the time! Read more

Niranjana Chittisani 1 year ago

I went to this place during the Monday comedy night, the standup comedy was pretty good. I appreciate the staff during these... comedy nights always making sure to reach out to every table or booth to make sure the patrons are happy. Read more

Rob Levesque 1 year ago

Blasts obnoxious, repetitive music off the rooftop almost every night of the week to about 10 patrons, despite having a... perfectly good indoor stage. Very inconsiderate to neighborhood residents that can hear the repetitive beats for hours throughclosed windows, sometimes for 6 hours or longer. Read more

S. P. 1 year ago

Service man in the stripe green and grey shirt that helped us was so friendly and had us hysterically laughing. The bathroom was... not great. Would go back at some point for a fun evening. Read more

Owen Robinson 1 year ago

Was brought here by a friend far cooler than I, still had a blast. This place really serves a type of person willing to have... fun. I wouldn't recommend wearing white especially if you plan to go into the mosh pit (bleach cleans white canvas if you'rereading this to late). Mosh pit was great, I wasn't familure with this type of thing but I still felt included. Very good place. Read more

Meister CatMan 1 year ago

Came for one of the BIG winter classic nights, had a great time. This place must be a hit throughout the year, as the upper deck... seems like a great place to hang out during the summer. The downstairs, has a great vibe too, very well worn in bar fair. Thefood was actually top notch, had the cauliflower wings. Was great, recommend ordering them with a sauce. Aside from alcohol, youcan also order tea and coffee, and even get bottled water here, or just tap water, with or without ice. Still lots of options,they have a menu available at the bar, downstairs, if you want to see it or scan the square code taped to the tables. Read more

Christina Caruso 2 years ago

Food was delicious!! Our server was awesome too. We didn't know what beers to get as we were new to the area! He chose them for... us and all of them were great choices! The patio was awesome with great music and a bathroom close by :) great art on the wallson the patio and even in the bathroom lol sorry there are no pics of the food we were hungry ???? Read more