Reviews for saVeg Cafe in Calgary, AB

Anna J 1 year ago

I've been watching Rose for awhile so I wanted to check out the Cafe. Had the no eggs Benedict with a side of dumplings and... sweet green smoothie. The dumplings were my favorite but everything was good too. It is inside a fitness center Read more

Darlene B 1 year ago

Vanilla Matcha smoothie is bomb, and so is their japchae and dumplings! Lentil pancakes were probably my favourite I absolutely... love the taste and texture. Read more

Alicia 1 year ago

I was here in early-August 2022 and had the tofu rice bowl. I liked that it came with brown rice. The taste was average and not... bad - it does remind me of homecooked food, but I thought it could use some sauce or curry. I walked by the place and almostmissed it as it's in another business. I think it's in the same building as a gym - The Academy Gym. Read more

Apurva Zawar 1 year ago

Cute little cafe with distinct Korean veg options and friendly staff. Food was delicious with good mix of veggies, plant based... protein & sauces. We ordered Japchee noodles, Bulgogi wrap. Really enjoyed the healthy food and beautiful vibe :) Read more

Kendra M 1 year ago

Really good and quick lunch. The dumplings were the best we have ever had.

Vijey Packiyanathan 2 years ago

Ordered the Bulgogi Burrito, Vegan Dumplings, and Japchae. The vegan dumplings were tasty, cooked thoroughly and great for the... price. The Bulgogi Burrito was a little bit pricey, but still large in size and had a good combination of flavours. Could usemore sauce but was still tasty. The japchae definitely could have used some sauce as well, since it lacked in flavour.Essentially just tasted like glass noodles with nothing else. It also was a small portion for the price you pay, so could havebenefited from more food too. Read more

Ryan Thomas Woods 2 years ago

Loved this cute little cafe! Highly recommend the No Eggs Benedict with side of hash browns! This cafe also has amazing... vegan-inspired Korean food and recommend the Bulgogi Burrito, Korean Lentil Pancakes & Japchae. Read more

D. K. 2 years ago

Wow! What an experience. One of the challenges of being vegan is finding authentic offerings from other countries. Strangely,... a lot of the original offerings aren't even vegan. It's been a few years since I've been in Korea, but I feel like I would havebeen hard pressed to find the dishes that I enjoyed at saVeg Cafe as a vegan offering even in Seoul. Highly recommended. Read more