Reviews for Evangeline in Calistoga, CA

Cz juarez 1 year ago

Very nice outdoor seating. We went late for lunch but made in before the kitchen closed. Food is good. I really like the chilled... cauliflower with herb buttermilk dressing. Read more

Abraham Ciokler 1 year ago

Quick Summary: This restaurant is a bit of a mixed bag. The venue is beautiful and welcoming, but the food is inconsistent,... which is unfortunate. Let me explain. We ordered the Fried brussel sprouts for a starter and entrees Roasted Mary's Chicken &the steak frites. The fried brussel sprouts were delicious! Plain and simple. They come with a side of lemon aoli, which Ifound to be an odd pairing as it tasted too acidic and the two didn't go together well with the buttery brussel sprouts in myopinion. I still recommend this one. Just ignore the aoli. The Roasted chicken was delicious as well! The chicken had greatflavor and was very moist. It comes with mashed potatoes and carrots with a very savory sauce which goes perfectly witheverything in the dish! The steak frites was a mess, however. The meat had absolutely no flavor, I suspect it wasn't seasonedat all. The sauce it comes with is chimichurri, which is an odd choice being a French restaurant. Unfortunately, the sauce waslacking salt and garlic. Also, this chimichurri was heavy on the oregano. I prefer no oregano or less oregano than parsley inthe blend, since oregano is a much more aromatic herb. It was not a good chimichurri. The fries were dry and, again, tasteless.A bit stale too, like they had been made hours before we ordered them. They felt like the frozen kind. The microgreens didn't gowith the dish. It just didn't blend well with other flavors. Everything just tasted bland and the Herby notes like oregano andmicrogreens stood out too much instead of the flavor of the steak. I don't recommend this dish! The service was good and theambiance was welcoming, but unfortunately the menu felt like a gamble. You don't know which dish is going to be good, and whichis going to be odd and tasteless. Too inconsistent. Also, the prices are fairly high for the amount of inconsistencies in thefood, odd pairing of flavors and just underseasoned food. I do not recommend this place unless you already kno Read more

Pranjali Sharma 1 year ago

Fastest service ever! We were in and out in 50 mins and we did not feel rushed at all! We had reservations but arrived about... half hour early and they seated us right away. After ordering our food, we had just about made trips to the bathroom before thefood showed up! We ordered the fried chicken and waffles, prosciutto Benedict, avocado toast and the Evangeline burger.Everything was really good! I would've liked the avocado toast to be a little bigger or come with a side to be more filling.The rye bread it came on was a little bit sweet and matched the greens, avocado and the egg. The egg comes runny Benedict styleso if you don't like that, please tell your server to switch it. I should've but I had it any way! The chicken was crispy andcame with gravy to accompany. The prosciutto Benedict was very good with the exception of quite a lot of kale which my frienddoesn't like a lot. The burger was delicious but definitely the biggest of the plates. The fries that came with it weredelicious, particularly with the rosemary and thyme. We also got the grapefruit mimosas which were well-made. All in all, abeautiful day to have brunch and we really liked our food. And of course, the service! Read more

Jill Kobilka 1 year ago

Wow! This was such an excellent experience! Some of the best food we've had in Napa in the month we've been here. We had the... shrimp etouffee and braised lamb, which was better than the iterations of those dishes we had in New Orleans itself. It was avery cozy patio, which I bet would be fantastic for brunch. Read more

Richard Padilla 1 year ago

Evangeline is a classic French Bistro where you will find all the staples: from Chicken & Waffles to French Onion Soup. All of... the menus (Brunch, Lunch, Dinner) feature dishes you would definitely expect at a French Bistro restaurant, but I did find theBrunch menu to be a bit lacking when it came to starters and cocktails. Regardless of the small variety, I would highlyrecommend the Grapefruit Paloma which is a perfect way to quench your thirst in the Calistoga heat. I do have to note that theprices for some of the dishes are not competitive when looking at some other similar restaurants in the surrounding area. Therestaurant has a beautiful outdoor area that is perfect for any occasion; just fair warning - there is a good amount of fliesand bees around so if you are allergic/scared, then I would definitely recommend sitting inside. This is definitely one of thebetter restaurants in downtown Calistoga. Read more

Debra Avivi 2 years ago

The cauliflower appetizer and beet appetizer were excellent. Ordered the risotto for the entree and it was absolutely... tasteless. Almost thought there must have been a mistake in the kitchen and they missed the seasoning step. Read more

Denitra Flowers 2 years ago

The customer service was excellent. I didn't sit down and order, I ordered mine to go. I ordered the salmon. The crispy top on... the salmon was delicious and the salmon was not overcooked or dry. The sauce that came with the salmon set it off! The crispyBrussel sprouts were also a nice side dish to compliment the salmon (the Brussel sprouts were enough to share with two people).The salmon itself comes with a salad-- it was very delicious. Read more

Kaite Mccoy 2 years ago

Exceptional service! Every single member of the staff went above and beyond. I visited California from Ohio for a short, 24-hour... trip. Initially, I came here for lunch and because their service was so great, I came back for dinner! Food A+ ServiceA++++ Friendly Advice… Make a reservation if you wish to utilize the outdoor patio seating. Read more