Reviews for Dunkin' in Cambridge, MD

Lori Ryan 1 year ago

Made my coffee the way I like it. Very nice workers and a clean place.

Cornelius Qut 1 year ago

Super nice staff. We?ll definitely visit again when in the area.

Nena Yo 1 year ago

They never have all the donuts on their billboard., why have that up? Coffee was watered down.

Brittany Lynn 1 year ago

They need to cook the bacon before giving it to people. This is ridiculous it?s raw.

William Harshman 1 year ago

Very busy location and all employees are very professional.

Eclectic Explorer 1 year ago

I ordered 3 plain bagels, thinking there's no way they can screw it up.. they gave me 3 ONION bagels. Seriously?!? They can't... get even the simplest order right! Read more

Lissaleigh 2 years ago

I don't know what's going on but you guys started watering your coffee down. I even tried to get black coffee today n put my own... cream n sugar still watery. And not a little weak more than half the cup straight water. If your going to charge $3 a cup ifcoffee at least be honest and make decent coffee. I have dumped at least $80 worth of coffee down the drain. This is ridiculous???? Read more

Cheryl Phillips 3 years ago

This particular Dunkin is hit or miss. Most of the time they miss their mark with me. I have ordered a Chai latte multiple... times. I have only gotten Chai once. The rest have been coffee. I can't drink coffee. Also, it is never full of milk. Usuallyonly 2/3 full. From now on it just get donuts. The only thing they get right. Read more