Reviews for Panera Bread in Cape Girardeau, MO

Jay ?JayBird? H 1 year ago

Great place I go in hear all the time when I'm Doordashing. Great service, amazing food.

Mariana Zimmerman 1 year ago

I always order the Mac and cheese for my kids and is good, the new signature chicken sandwich have cheese that doesn?t taste... good for me so I don?t like it. The Cesar salad is good, the pizza is not the best and the broccoli cheddar soup is always aperfect option Read more

Ladonna Pratt 1 year ago

I had a larger and confusing order with special requests. I also had a toddler in the car. The staff were amazing and carried... the food out for me, were so pleasant and apologized for the wait that was very short compared to most places. Love this placeand the food. Read more

Renee Varadaraj 1 year ago

The salads are a huge disappointment for someone who doesn't eat meat. They're 98% lettuce. There's not even enough dressing... to cover all of that lettuce. Very often, after pre paying & giving 20% tip, I don't get a spoon for my soup or fork for salad. The oatmeal is good. Read more

Amanda Bellefeuille 1 year ago

While I like the food and the staff is amazing, the prices are completely insane anymore. I paid 17 and some change for a salad... and a large tea. The salad was good but for 17 dollars I could have gotten 2 meals at another place. So I guess this was thelast time I eat lunch at panera. Read more

Olivia P 1 year ago

Panera is Panera. This one is clean. The chipotle chicken sandwich is pretty good but everything is so high calorie despite... appearing "healthy". Read more

Tony Nickens 1 year ago

Other than the fact they want twelve dollars for a salad I had no complaints. The drive up was so long that my sister went into... store. It's clean and the employees were efficient and polite. That's more than you can say about a lot of places. Read more

Maggie Moon 2 years ago

The sandwiches were excellent. I had the turkey bacon Avacado. Nice and helpful staff.