Reviews for Steak 'n Shake in Cape Girardeau, MO

Josh Duncan 1 year ago

Very disappointed in the changes that have taken place inside. It is now self-serve, there are no more waitresses, the counter... seating is gone, and there is a completely different atmosphere inside. Food was ok, as usual. Will definitely stick to thedrive thru from now on. Read more

Shela Rodgers 1 year ago

Loved everything but the onion rings, greasy and not all the way done on the dough. My bacon burger was amazing ???? not too dry... but plenty juicy. Strawberry shake was yummy. I loved the whip. Coffee amazing. Read more

Toni Mccusker 1 year ago

It is not the same with the kiosk Machines it is not worth going there Orders was not even close to being done the way we... printed it and had weight twice as long for them to redo it nobody in the restaurant it is not steak and shake no more the thesekiosk machines Is destroying Steak n shake!!! And 2 top it off they r making the surveyors hit at least one star an I don'tfeel they should get ANY STARS!!!!! Read more

Robin Wilson 1 year ago

I haven't been to a steak and shake in some time. I was expecting a menu and time to browse before ordering.. instead you have... to order from a kiosk and pay then get your food. Drink and clean ur table. Was very frustrating. I ordered my kid a burger togo instead of dining in. Read more

Abby Jones 1 year ago

The kiosk ordering sucks big time. I miss the waitress taking your orders in person. Its just like Walmart self check out...pay... less employee wages. Thats what its about. The burgers are way to crispy the last 2 times we have visited. Chili was cold andgross. I wont be coming back at all. It used to be a decent meal and a treat to go to steak and shake but you have shaken theservice way to much for my liking Read more

Greisy Flores 1 year ago

Customer experience is terrible. Kiosks to place your own order, food was hardly warm, you have to pick it up, serve your own... drink, get your own condiments and when you are done, clean the trays and stacked them nicely. Zero-touch customer experience. Read more

Coldish Ramenish 1 year ago

Used to be the best diner in Cape. Friendly staff, delicious burgers and shakes. Unfortunately now it is dirty, overcrowded, and... they no longer have waiters take your order but rather use kiosks up front. Then if you're lucky you'll hear some man yell thenumber on your ticket from behind the counter, assuming he decides to go any higher than a whisper above all the people talking.Once went and a worker had to keep repeating numbers that a fellow worker was calling since she refused to call them louder. The"diner" experience and atmosphere is just completely gone in favor of cold electronics. Speaking of cold, let's talk foodquality. Remember your middle school cafeteria? Cold, flavorless burgers with stiff buns wrapped up in paper and a handful offries so hard that snapping one into two is a feat of its own? Something you only had to eat 'cuz that's all the state would payfor, if you could even afford lunch? Yeah, that's about it here too nowadays. Drive thru isn't much better, though at leastit'll be greasy instead of dry. It's a shame, but if you're hungry it might be better than McDonalds on a good day. Read more

Robert Keesee 1 year ago

Rarely do I patronize Steak and Shake, only because it's not on my commute path. Today I was in the vicinity and went... through. The 4$ menu was reasonably priced. The food quality, taste and appearance, was delicious. Up against Burger King orMcDonald's, Steak and Shake wins hands down... Read more