Reviews for Sushi Asian Cuisine in Cave Junction, OR

Nathan Morse 2 years ago

It?s hit and miss. I?ve had a couple issues that were never resolved. But foods always good. They just mess up orders sometimes

Heather Trickel 3 years ago

Love the Sunshine Roll and the Las Vegas roll! Also love the shrimp fried rice!

Tristan 3 years ago

I have no idea how this restaurant has 4.2 stars. The rice for our sushi tasted like vinegar and sugar, noodles were overcooked,... everything I just ate came out of a freezer. As somebody who has lived in the valley my whole life, I'd rather eat from the shopsmart deli Read more

Soph W. 3 years ago

THIS PLACE HAS THE BEST PHO IN SOUTHERN OREGON!!! I grew up on Pho and I haven't been able to find good Pho here in SoOr until I... ate Pho here!! I give it a 9 out of 10!! It actually has Tendon, Tripe, Rare Beef, Meatballs. They give you all the rightcondiments!!! Man oh man! I am so HAPPY I found the EXCELLENT Pho here. PHONOMENAL PHO'SHO!!! If you're Thai like me or fromVietnam or Laos you will LOVE THIS PHO just like Maa make!! Their other dishes are amazing too!!! Read more

Mervin Case 3 years ago

Variety of cuisine. Great price perfect service.

Kathryn Jafarzadeh 3 years ago

Good food, normally they are quick, sometimes they forget things so make sure to check your togo order

Veronica Gardner 3 years ago

Only take out right now. But the food is delicious and our friends running it provide excellent service. Definitely recommend!

Aran Eversman 5 years ago

Exceptionally good, every time! Feels like a restaurant in a much bigger town with a wide assortment from Sushi to Pho to... Chinese staples. Much needed and very much appreciated. Read more