Reviews for Centro Woodfired Pizzeria in Cedar City, UT

Luis Rosario 1 year ago

Pizza was amazing. The waiter recommended the pizza that was their version of the meat lovers and it was really good. Service... was fantastic as well. Definitely lived up to what it was raved to be. Definitely a must of you're in Cedar City. Read more

Roger K 1 year ago

We ordered a fennel sausage pizza that was really enjoyable; however the cheese pizza unfortunately, would not recommend. It... had sharp cheddar cheddar rather than mozzarella cheese. Good selection of beverages, wine, beer, and soda. Service was quickand we?re checked on several times. The bathroom could use some soap and paper towels, as there wasn?t any available. Read more

Joshua Luke 1 year ago

It was such a blessing to find a great, authentic pizza place in southern Utah. Cedar City is bigger than most southern Utah... towns, but this place is still leagues above what you would find in most similar places. I ordered my pizza as take-out, andfound their online ordering easy to use. They have a variety of wood fired pizzas and other items. You could choose your ownchar level, which was pretty cool. I ordered one with prosciutto and apricot, and that is not the only unique offering on themenu. It was ready pretty quickly. I would like to see the pickup experience improved, but I wonder if it may have been poordue to short staffing. I marked the "I am here" option after I was told it was ready, waited a few minutes, and then called. Itstill took them a few minutes to bring out my food. The pizza stood up well to a short drive and likely could have lastedlonger. It was delicious, but slightly more charred than I selected. Still a great place! Read more

Michael Lyons 1 year ago

Let me start with stating the obvious: this is the best restaurant in Cedar City, amen and amen. The aroma of charring crust and... garlic tempt you from a couple of blocks away. Once ensnared, there?s no escaping Centro. Our waitress, Liv, was a delight,encouraging us to share a salad and go half/half on our pizza selection. We got the arugula salad. The lemon vinaigrette thatdressed it had just enough sweetness to compliment the peppery arugula and cool you off from the Cedar City heat. The Parmesanin the salad was robust. One side of our pizza was fennel sausage and the other the white pizza, a glorious homage to garlic.The fennel sausage was herbaceous and played well against the light char on the crust. The white pizza was a star. The garlicand cheeses were a rollicking mix of flavor and texture. Loved every bite. Big bonus that Centro is not a Pepsi (swill) shoplike essentially every other establishment here and the Diet Coke flowed freely. If you?re in Cedar City, book a table atCentro. It?s outstanding. Read more

Bruce Boyes 1 year ago

Nice outdoor seating. Good service. Pizzas are prepared quickly and are very delicious. Just a two block walk from the... Shakespeare theatre. Arugula salad is fabulous. Pizza Bianca is my favorite. You can get a pizza half and half to try twooptions in one. Good beer selection if you?re looking for that. Read more

Ramona Jeffery 1 year ago

Traveling through town and received recommendations from two people for this place. It didn't disappoint. The food was excellent... and well priced. They let us do half and half on a 12-inch Pizza which made the entire meal very reasonably priced. The Caesarsalad was excellent. Read more

Stephanie Brianna Ibarra 2 years ago

Visited this place with some friends yesterday for lunch and it will now be somewhere to recommend for friends or take them to!... The pizza is delectable and the dough of the pizza takes the cake. They also have great options that incorporate variousflavors! There will most likely be something here that pleases your palate! I got the Pancetta & Grape pizza because I alwayslike trying new things and I added the pistachios. Never before would I have expected such a combo to combine so well! The nuttyflavors of the pistachios mixed amazingly with the sweet grapes and savory pancetta! The cheeses also were great! We also triedboth the summer and arugula salads and they were great! They are on a larger side (even though we only got half sizes) but thestaff make sure to communicate that to you! I am so pleased and definitely believe it is worth a visit! They even have vegancheese and gluten free dough! Read more

Audrey Ha 2 years ago

Cute little spot. I'm happy we got the chance to try it out. The food is pretty delicious! I didn't get a chance to take... photos of the to bruschetta, arugula salad, and meatballs. My husband dug in before I got a chance to find my phone. I got totake the Centro Italiano pizza. I would highly recommend the arugula salad, the dressing was delicious! So fresh. Thebruschetta was very refreshing. The meatballs were whatever, dry with lots of tomato sauce...the sauce tastes like can raviolior spaghetti. It wasn't out thing. Carbone's meatball is still number one on my list. The pizza was great, we were excited totry the local pepperoni. We think it was alright... But the dough and woodfired... Was amazing! Our son had a lot of foodallergies, we ordered a sides of chicken... It was soooo dry, you can tell by the way it looked. So don't order a side ofchicken! Lol The service was great, friendly staff. If we're ever passing by Cedar City, we'll definitely do by here to tryother things. Read more