Reviews for Chili's Grill & Bar in Cedar City, UT

Terell Hayes 1 year ago

Food was great the server was aweful ! I used to be a server and I usually give them a pass because we all have bad days . Maybe... this was the case but we literally watched our server walk around and talk to other servers ( the others kept working) ignoringus as we tried to wave her down. Other servers were kind and helped us out but I was not happy with the overall experience. Read more

Seth Teeples 1 year ago

The ribs and margaritas were awesome. I'm gluten free though and think they put a little vodka in my margarita or cross... contaminated the food with gluten because I did get sick eating there. Other than that it was good. Read more

Jim Urie 1 year ago

They were super busy, took down our name and told us 15-20 min. wait. We were seated after about 15 min and our server, Jordan,... was amazing. He apologized multiple time for the wait, had our drinks and chips and salsa out with in minutes. He took mywife's dairy allergy very serious and when our food was done the cooks had put cheese on her chicken, even though he had markedthe order as dairy allergy and maked no cheese, he apologized again. Our drinks were always full and he came back multiple timesto make sure our food was to our liking. Read more

Matthew Terry 1 year ago

I was passing through traveling and needed some dinner. The service was excellent definitely a 5 star location. The hamburger... was mediocre, it was prepared well but the chuck used was far too greasy for my palate. I can just order something differentnext time! Read more

Sal Craw 1 year ago

I must say I was really surprised at how well my experience was. First I ordered a Bacon, Avocado Chicken Sandwich with a side... of French Fries. I called in my order. They said it would be about 15 to 20 minutes which is pretty typical. But since I had mylocation/SMS messages activated. They texted a link to tap to go to the pay options. So I did that. I was paying with a giftcard. Which the option was plain to see and easy to use. Then once I did that it was only about 5 minutes and my Pickup To Goorder was fulfilled. Read more

Jackie B. 1 year ago

Nice service from the host and waiter. We went there for dinner. Restaurant was little messy (floor dirty). We ordered chicken... wings and the food was good. What I didn?t like is the quality of the coffe. First it was cold, second the taste. When Iasked for a fresh cup of coffee the waiter said that their coffe was not good and they also had issues with the coffee machine. He was nice and removed it from our bill. They are lacking on something basic GOOD COFFEE. Read more

Leigh Owen 1 year ago

The last 2 times I was there, the food was terrible. My 1st experience was the Cajun Chicken Pasta. It came to me cold and was... inedible, because who wants to eat a pasta with cold cheese sauce. I even dug to the bottom of the plate to see if it was warmerand it wasn't. The server didn't check to see if things were alright until my companions were almost done with their dinner, soI couldn't even get it warmed up. My last visit, I decided to get something cold, so I got a salad with grilled chicken. Morethan half of this salad was inedible because the greens were translucent and wilted. What did they do? Throw it in the freezer?I presume the chicken portion was ok, but I had lost my appetite picking all the bad stuff out that I never tried it. Picturedis the salad and the wilted part separated. The dressing was ranch and was put on the side, so it was NOT the dressing thatruined the greens. Read more

Parisien Mama 3 years ago

Really good food. So tasty. Such a treat. I ordered a martini and needed to mix it up (first pic it is layered and so pretty,... 2nd picture it is mixed so alcohol isn't on the top). Husband ordered a drink and it reminded me sort of a mojito. Hubby orderedthe salad - he said the sauce was really spicy (he likes spicy food) but good. I ordered the BBQ burger. So delicious. I lovethat they have a good kids' menu and our young child enjoyed it too. Several young families there when we went. Started gettingbusy when we left around 6:30 Very quiet when we got there about 5:30. Good service. Clean bathrooms. Read more