Reviews for Domino's Pizza in Cedar City, UT

John Ogle 1 year ago

Ordered a medium pan extravaganza for pick up. I had to rebook it when I got home. I wouldn't even call it a pizza. It was a... soggy doughy mess! I would've sent it back if my children weren't practically starving. Di Not Order A Pan Pizza Here! Read more

Jade L. 1 year ago

I love this dominos, the people who deliver are always super nice and the food tastes amazing. The only I don?t like is they... don?t have bread bowls but either way service is 10/10 Read more

Liberty Finnegan 1 year ago

if I could I would leave no stars. Domino's is my favorite but after tonight I won't go there again. I ordered a pineapple,... pepperoni, with olives. When I went to pick up the pizza they messed up my order, so I had to wait another 20min after I justwaited 30 min so in total I waited an hour for one pizza. When I was waiting I saw the screen that only had two orders on itincluding mine, the pizza makers we're doing nothing except talinkg and going on their phone. When he finally gave me the pizzaI asked if I could have a free soda or something to compensate for the mess up and the time I waited, and he responded, "this isall you get." And walked away completely ignoring me. Wow. How could customer service get THIS BAD!! my mom ended up goingin to make them give me a refund because I was to upset to even talk. I advise you guys to get better management. Read more

Cherish Finnegan 1 year ago

Tonight my daughter had ordered one large pizza and they messed up the order. When my daughter asked for the right pizza to be... made it took another 30 minutes to get the correct one made. Then they gave attitude to my daughter about the issue when shebrought on that they should compensate her for their mistake. Long story short: my daughter came out in tears. I had to go I tothe store at that point to teach all those employees a lesson. I made them give my daughter a refund, but an honest apologywould have been even better. This place is falling apart as far as management goes. Everything we go in there lately there isemployees standing around on their cell phones and chatting rather than working. Read more

JDS 1 year ago

Disappointed! We have normally had good pizza, but this was bad for a couple of reasons. First of all, we went to pick up our... pizza when the online and text said it was ready, in fact, we were 10 minutes later and we still had to wait another 30minutes! Also, the online showed that the 2 liter soda we actually wanted was not available, so we chose different soda. When wepicked up our order, we asked if the soda we really wanted was available, which it was, but we had to pay more for it, an "UpCharge" instead of letting us have it for the same price. With ALL other places we have ever gone to and have asked to get adifferent soda, because it was not shown online, we have NEVER had to pay an "Up Charge". How ridiculous. Now for the pizzaitself. We asked for Marinara Sauce, but got Tomato Sauce instead. Nasty! Also, we did not get the thicker crust we wanted, butinstead, they gave us a thin crust. Not happy. Read more

Farah Faruque 2 years ago

We are a big fan of Domino?s Pizza. The kids were craving pizza on our way to LV from SLC, so we stopped by this location to... grab one 3 topping thick crust pizza. Everyone was 100% satisfied. Thank you for the wonderful service! ^_^ Read more

Rebekkah Benson 3 years ago

This is the best pizza in town. I usually order Buffalo hot wings, cheese pizza, garlic knots, cheese bread, Coca-Cola and... molten lava cake of course. This Dominos has been consistently good. With no contact delivery, very safe to order from, and theyknock loud. Read more

Narendra Mali 3 years ago

My usual order: 3 toppings NY style base with jalapeño, green paper and mushrooms on top. A typical domino?s pizza restaurant.... I ordered our usual 3 toppings large pizza. I have eaten domino?s in almost 10-15 US states and this is probably the besttasting pizza amongst domino?s. It tasted amazing and you can simply start drooling by looking at the following pictures. I?llrecommend all the people traveling through Cedar city or living in Cedar city. Must try pizza. Read more