Reviews for Little Caesars Pizza in Cedar City, UT

Unknownian 1 year ago

It wasnt bad food. But the wait was long ordered the food at around 6 10 at 6 30 we got the email saying it was ready arrived... told it wasnt ready waited 10 more minutes and over 3 emails later food finally ready. Ton of people in a small cramped store,honestly bad experience. Pizza wasnt sliced fully threw, and our crazy bread didnt come with sauce. Order crazy sauce afterrealization 2.16 cents for one. I enjoyed the food, but not the best nor the best place to get good pizza I wouldnt recommendthis place to close family or friends, the crazy bread is really good though. That's about the only thing I would recommend. Read more

Corona Ngatuvai 1 year ago

This location is extremely busy. I am sure they could use a second location to offset the waiting but when you are the only... site in town, it certainly capitalizes on demand. The staff do a great job of juggling hot and ready inventory, walk in orders,and portal pick up orders. Read more

Sophia Goodwin 1 year ago

A typical Little Caesars Pizza Place. Very very busy. If ordering during the dinner hours make sure you are prepared to wait up... to an hour for your food. The staff are often working the pizza without gloves which is pretty icky. Pretty good though for theprice and often their are coupons avalible. Read more

Justin Jourdan 1 year ago

I ordered 2 pizzas two days ago. When I got the pizzas the bottoms and crust were burnt. I called and informed the store and... they offered to replace them. When I picked up the replacement pizzas they were almost raw. The crust was still wet and doughy.Just very inconsistent and no one seems to care. Not impressed. Read more

Carla Condie 1 year ago

Just had the worst pizza I?ve ever had. I usually like the pizza and it usually has corn meal on the bottom, but the bottoms of... this pizza was burnt and nasty, I had to choke it down because of the circumstances and couldn?t go back but I was verydisappointed today.. what was that? So gross. Where?s the fluffy yummy cornmeal pizza I know? Read more

Weston Zentner 2 years ago

They didn't have any hot and ready pizzas. There seemed to be a lot of standings around, but it could be because they were... waiting for pizzas to cook. They were really nice and asked if I had been helped a few times. Google took us to the wronglocation. There were only two chairs and there were a bunch of us waiting for 10-15 minutes. Read more

joseph spainhour 2 years ago

A little burnt on top but it was still good.

Daniela Serrano 3 years ago

2 minutes ago We were staying in cedar city a few nights and ordered pizza here on our last night, this is the worst pizza I've... ever had. Didn't look or taste like little Caesars, stuffed crust pizza and breadsticks were both salty and a little overcooked, huge crust not enough cheese on the Hawaiin pizza. The breadsticks were also all connected and just looked like one bigblob. Read more