Reviews for Pisco Peruvian Rotisserie Grill & Fusion Cuisine in Cedar City, UT

WeSee Here

The best food I have had on any vacation was on my backpacking trip of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Since then I have been... looking for somewhere that provided a meal similar to the goodness I experienced on that epic Peruvian trail. I thought PiscoPeruvian Rotisserie did a very good job. I ordered the Dine-In ¼ Chicken white meat meal and got the Fried Plantains andMushrooms with my meal. I enjoyed all of it and cleared my plate faster than I should have to better savor it all. I also got totry the Yucca Fritas, which I could have had a complete order of; and the Peruano Beans, that had a flavor that was similar to abean dish I had had in Peru. To finish off the meal I had the Lucuma Ice Cream. That was the perfect ending for the meal. Lovedthe sweet flavor. I would definitely eat here again. Service was fast, friendly, and the ambiance was well themed. P.S. if thesame ambiance music keeps playing over and over, just know the system is jammed or something and just roll with it! Let thebeats move through every fiber of your being. Read more

Rachel Barrios

I love the customer service and food! Staff is always so friendly. I’m so happy it’s open again!

Kim Markey

Flavorful dishes. Only negative - soup was brought to our table before we had a chance to place our orders. It's not easy being... to enjoy delicious soup while juggling a menu. Read more

Jacob Hawkins

Authentic Peruvian food. I was kind of leary going in, but this was good! Our server was able to explain what everything was... (we had never tried it before) and even able to help with suggestions. Read more

Rachel Munoz

I came on re-opening day and found the exterior and interior to be appealing. But more importantly, the service and the food... were exceptional. I cannot wait to eat here again (and again and again). Read more