Reviews for Sakura Japanese Restaurant in Chesapeake, VA

Michael Barchick 1 year ago

This was my first time eating lunch there. I did the all you can eat lunch special. Everything I had was delicious. This place... had sushi hand rolls. I had a spicy tuna hand roll for the first time, and it was so good I ended up having two more. I also hada spicy salmon hand roll which is also excellent. In the picture you can see two Japanese spring rolls which were good, and Ialso had a house salad. Their lunch special is the same price all week, which is great. I will definitely be going there afterchurch on Sunday as they open up at 11:00 a.m. . Highly recommend this place, good service, excellent sushi and friendly staff. Read more

Jay Schimke 1 year ago

To put this in perspective, this is an all you can eat sushi place in a strip mall in the Walmart parking lot. Having said... that, I couldn’t be more impressed. I’ve been in Norfolk almost a month, coming from San Diego, where sushi places are onevery corner. I stayed away from sushi because I didn’t think it could stand up against my standards. This place definitelytried to impress. The real reason I was willing to try this place is because of everybody’s review saying how nice the staffwas, they couldn’t be more right. Everybody I met was genuinely a nice person. They really tried hard with the decor, itreminded me of some of the little sushi places I used to go to in Japan. I opted for the all you can eat lunch menu, it wasn’thuge in terms of raw fish but they did have a lot of options. As far as I could tell the only raw fish was salmon, tuna and redsnapper. We made these work the best we could. I tried the salmon and the tuna as well as the spicy salmon and spicy tuna, nospicy red snapper but the red snapper nigiri was good. I also tried various roles that were all very good. Some of the reviewsmentioned $26 all you can eat, which isn’t bad, that is what you pay in San Diego for lunch, $32+ for dinner. When I got mybill, my lunch was $16.95. I ordered 12 things off the sushi menu and only paid $17. Not only did I walk out of there stuffed, Iwas so impressed with the price. I will be back. Read more

Gin 1 year ago

The all you can eat sushi is $26.95 per person however worth the price. The sushi is fresh and the kitchen items came out fast... and hot. Pretty sure this is new management because the time I came here over 3 years ago I was unimpressed. The owners who runit now really seem to care about the service and check up on every table. The chefs care about quality, rice to fish proportion,and presentation. I was throughly impressed and satisfied. This will now be my go to sushi place! Read more

Joshua Ott 1 year ago

Omg this place is so good! The sushi is so fresh and made perfect! The staff are so friendly and make me feel very welcome... everytime I come. The Sakura tataki and all the sushi and sashimi was amazing! I urge anyone that loves sushi to check thisplace out! Read more

Shantél Arnold 2 years ago

I got the lunch sushi box #2, you pick 2 rolls and it comes w/ a soup & salad...the “2” roll are not full rolls at all. The... “salad” was a side of lettuce literally nothing else no veggie on top or anything. The soup was your usual miso soup socan’t complain there but all in all it wasn’t a waste of money. It was around $20 bc I got the Volcano roll which was $3more and can with less pieces(4) and my dynamite came w/ (6). I would NOT recommend this place. Read more

Anh Tran 2 years ago

Came all the way from N. Virginia to celebrate daughter's birthday for some fresh sushi buffet. Our favorite sushi spot. Wish... there are more like it. Great customer service and delicious food. Read more

Rust Rivera 2 years ago

Place is a bit crowded. Tables are small for all you can eat restaurant. Food is okay. Fried foods were a bit greasy especially... the tempuras. Good customer service. I might be back just because their service is better than kagura. Read more

Matthew Fish 2 years ago

First time here. Came on the suggestion of a friend. Came specifically to check out their all you can eat lunch. Two of us with... a coke and green tea was about $42. Really hard to beat that for a sit down lunch. Place is in a strip mall right near Walmart.Clean when you walk in. Booths have dividers in between, staff wears masks and gloves and masks are required to walk in. So ifyou're concerned with the Covid stuff there you have it. On to the food. We had Odom and miso soup. HOT like burned my mouth hot(usually soup at AUC places is luke warm at best). Soup was flavorful and delicious! Shrimp shumai, gyoza and spring rollappetizers hot flavorful as well. Had several different rolls and pieces. I put names on the pictures below to make it easier toidentify. All the raw fish was amazing! Not tough like some but creamy like it should be almost melt in your mouth. The rice wassticky and not dry. I even enjoyed the fried rolls. I'm normally not a fan because they come out like a big piece of tempurawith no flavor. This place managed to keep the taste and flavor of the roll with just the right amount of tempura to give it theextra kick and flavor. The sauces on top of the rolls was good too. I am generally a pretty liberal star giver because I takeinto account where I'm eating and what I'm paying for it. I'd give this place a solid 6 out of 5 stars for the AUC sushi option.It has taken my #1 spot for sushi lunch! Read more