Reviews for Macon Bistro & Larder in 5520 Connecticut Ave NW, WA

james scott sumter 1 year ago

Attended an small 50th (30+) in the rear party room venue which was finely in-house catered and we'll staffed. It was my first... time there and it has a very nice atmosphere. Try it you'll like it. Read more

Odile Gabay Engel 1 year ago

Food might be interesting if you get a chance to be welcomed.... I am curious to read about the owner of this restaurant and... what he has to say about his manager pushing customers away.... I went last Sunday with a craving; I am a single young woman,who probably have the ressources to buy the entire restaurant, but curiously a single woman is very often neglected by thediscriminatory male servers (what the Hell is this woman doing here alone ?), and it was the case here. No need to add that itwas a reasonable time, and the terrace was not full (far from it) I was so upset when the so called "this is my restaurant, I dowhat I want" manager told me "we will see you another time" giving me his back, that I ended up on the nearby competitorrestaurant terrace, where I spend twice what I first envisioned to spend and gave a generous 30% tips. I will NEVER EVER put afoot in this restaurant anymore, nor my family and friends, and you can count on me to make the worse publicity. Attention tothe owner: please contact me if you want details Read more

Carolyn Frank 1 year ago

Enjoyed my ham and cheese on a baguette and the accompanying salad. My friend liked her croquet madame, although finding it... somewhat difficult to eat. We devoured every bite of the apple crisp dessert. Read more

Stephanie 1 year ago

After perusing the menu, my partner and I decided to come here before seeing a movie at the street at the Avalon. Our feelings... are mixed about this place. When we first arrived, we were asked by the busser whether we would like to sit inside or outside.At that same moment, another couple was coming in from outside because of the bugs there. Once we sat down, I noticed the bugzapper outside. So, it must be an issue for them. There was only one server on the schedule for the night. This poor woman shewas slammed. She was doing her very best to run orders for nine tables both inside and out and acting as bartender when sheclearly was not one. Alcohol is the best way to make a profit and they had no bartender. Sad. The busser was clearing tables,acting as host and running food from the kitchen. The chef was also overwhelmed. He was training someone who just stood behindhim like a statue watching him cook. Why she wasn’t helping with plating is a mystery. The food was average and nothing towrite home about. The salmon was in the pan too long and was accompanied by potatoes that would be great- if they had flavor-and a tomato caper sauce that tasted metallic. The shrimp and grits were so-so. The grits were nice but more like crème ofwheat. Really no creativity with flavor in the dishes. Then an older man walked in and went behind the bar. All he seemed to dowas bark orders at the server, stand over her shoulder and follow her outside. He then grabbed a drink and sipped it behind thebar. He should have rolled up his sleeves and jumped in to help. But he seemed too concerned about his ego and position-whatever it may be. Oh- Our tart tatin was a 20 minute wait and very underwhelming. We tried to love this place. Managementneeds to step it up and get their act together or we don’t see this place lasting very long. Read more

Bridget Mullins 2 years ago

I'm overall unimpressed. My cocktail was complex and flavorful (as it should be for $17), however they stuff two orange slices... at the bottom of a 8oz (?) glass so it definitely isnt a full cocktail. Water glass and hand for size reference. Yet, still thebest part of my meal. The food left a lot to be imagined. I'm southern, so I was delighted to see fried okra on the menu. $7 formaybe a cup of pan fried okra and a remo sauce. Then came the entree, $27 for the short rib that was supposed to come with gritsand vegetables: carrots, peas, celery, onions (listed on menu). For the price I was expecting more than the 4-5 oz of meat witha chunk of fat in the middle. Meat was tender but lacked flavor. I think my plate had 3 carrot slices and a tablespoon of peas.Don't come here hungry. I paid $60 and didn't even leave full. Then I waited forever for my check. Bartender was polite but theywere clearly understaffed. Read more

irfan ozarslan 3 years ago

This was my second visit to this restaurant. The first visit was a total miss. The overpriced, flavorless Macon Burger was not... worth the $21 price tag. We stopped by again last night because we were in the neighborhood. I hit rock bottom. However, thePan Seared Rockfish rocked me out of this world. It was fabulous. But I returned to the bottom with the lifeless Braised ShortRibs, which was only a single piece of meat, not plural as stated in the name. The side dish of Haricot Verts was wayundercooked and terrible. The Mac -On Cheese is not even worth talking about. This place is a southern disaster. Don’t botherto order anything less than $29 entree or appetizer. I have had better grits in a truck stop. The dining room staff was ontarget. They were courteous and professional. Where the kitchen failed, the waitstaff made up for. Read more

Krissy Coles 4 years ago

Food was good. Service outstanding. The chicken was great. Brisket was so tender. The biscuits are OK. The Lobster and grits... were good, not an okra fan though. Hush puppies were good and deviled eggs were pretty good. The chocolate chip bread puddingwas to die for. It was like a chocolate chip cinnamon roll with ice cream. The collard greens were less desirable. TheMac-n-Cheese needs a different cheese. It was just blah. Read more

Chris Crooks 6 years ago

Food was very, very good. Service was excellent. Made me feel like a long time friend in for a comfortable visit. Appetizers... were great! Deviled eggs were good but I was blown away by the lobster grits. Pork tenderloin and asparagus were delicious andfork-tender. Brussels sprouts were cooked superbly - partly crisp and partly moist with succulent balsamic vinegar. Wonderfuleclectic assortment of hard-to-find bourbons, which my friends enjoyed. I had a draft beer that balanced hops and malt. Wefinished with chocolate chip cookies better than Mom makes (she does not read my reviews!) I cannot wait to go back. Need redsnapper next time. Read more