Reviews for Runza Restaurant in Clarinda, IA

Sherry Wiley 1 year ago

This Runza is amazingly well-staffed with a great heart for service!! The food is delicious and the dining room is very... clean. We prefer this restaurant to several "high-end" places also available to us in this community. Read more

Lisa Hlavac 1 year ago

Drive through..about 2pm..gal at the window was super friendly! Had to wait because they made my order right then! HAPPY TO WAIT... FOR FRESH FOOD! Read more

Jared Nauman 1 year ago

We stood at register for atleast 2 minutes as the kids in the kitchen argued about who was going to take our order. One... employee, off the clock, walked out and just stared at us. We left without ordering. As the door closed they all were giggling.Worse service ever. Read more

Kailea Nauman 1 year ago

We went in as we are here for Band Day. No one was in the dining room. There was much talk in the back about how they didn't... want to wait on us. Several looked at us and no one ever came to the counter. I am very disappointed as we were excited to trysomething new. We left without being waited on. If I could leave a zero review I would. Read more

Emma 1 year ago

Lately (past month or so) everything has been super salty to the point where you cannot eat it. The last two times I?ve thrown... out my mushroom and Swiss burger. It?s also been super messy lately, sauce will legit be all over the wrapper. I remember when Iuse to have to get salt and pepper for my fries..couple years later they suddenly were applying salt, which was good, but noweven they are overly salted. I used to really like there fries they were always hot and fresh. I don?t experience this anymore. Read more

Krista Bailey 1 year ago

The ordering staff is very pleasant. The onion rings are absolutely delicious! However their BLT wrap is extremely small for the... price. And all the hamburgers and extremely salty. They add like Lowery's season salt even to the mushrooms if you have a Swissmushroom ???? burger. You can ask for them to NOT add it IF you remember...and IF they remember to NOT add it if they are busy.Even the RUNZA itself has the added seasoning in it. WAY too salty. I don't remember it being this way originally. Maybe it'sjust me now that I try to watch my sodium intact. ???? Read more

Jeff Peters 2 years ago

Stop here if you are ready to experience a Midwest culinary treat of ground-beef, cabbage, onions, and seasonings in a yeast... dough bread pocket sandwich at the only probable franchise location in Iowa. When we visited for lunch at noon today, theemployees were polite and efficient, and our food order was delivered piping hot. Negatives were noted in one of the restroomswhere two ceiling tiles had water stains or were broken, the toilet was not bolted securely to the floor, and many portions ofthe room lacked basic sanitization. Read more

Nasir Khan 3 years ago

I happened to be in Clarinda and had never heard of Runza so I decided to stop by and try it out. I had the original sandwich... meal and thought it was just ok. The best way I would describe it to someone who has never had their original sandwich is thatit is similar to a hot pocket with hamburger meat and cabbage. It tastes exactly how you would expect it to. The fries werecrispy and nicely salted without having your fingers coated in salt. My experience at the restaurant was pretty good with theexception of the customer service representative at the counter. She could have been more personable and helpful. I told her itwas my first time trying this restaurant and asked her if the sandwich was good and she replied she "didn't know because shedoesn't eat here". The restaurant was fairly clean and had convenient parking. I would also say that it is handicappedaccessible. Read more