Reviews for Subway in Clarksdale, MS

Karmese Leflore Farmer 1 year ago

It was an amazing sandwich great service and taste good

Janice Houston 2 years ago

Just went in to place an order. Girl was standing out from the counter, spoke to me as I walked to the deli. She proceeded too... go clean tables, instead of waiting on me. She said I?ll be with you in a minute. So, I?m on my way too work, and I didn?t havetime to wait on the tables to be wiped down. There wasn?t anyone else in the building. I told her the customers are supposed tobe waited on then she could clean off the tables. She got really defensive and snapped at me, well someone was coming from theback. Supervisors please teach your folks customer service! Read more

Marchellio McCray 3 years ago

The employee was walking around talking on the phone about 10 minutes before she ask could she help and was still on the phone... talking someone else, then gone tell me the toaster is down. Absolutely poor customer service. What good is having 2 subways andneither one has good service. Read more

T. 4 years ago

Employee was rude. Became upset when I politely asked her not to touch dirty napkins and then touch my sandwich. Nobody wants to... have someone fix their food and touch other items. Read more

Priscilla Edwards 4 years ago

Awful! They need to at least "try" to make the sandwiches look some what like the pictures displayed in the store!, or at least... match the description of ingredients! Pay attention to your customers! The "Manger " and a nother employee were franticlymaking a whole lot of sandwiches at the counter , for what, I don't know! I asked...must be preparing for a bigparty..lol....he said no...may I help you? l placed my order from the menu ..."black forest ham (6inch), and 2 philly sliders. Iwould have been more satisfied had I flushed and watched my $8 go down the toilet! For that price, didn't expect 5 starrestaurant food, but what I got , was disgraceful! Honestly, I had not been there in a while...(years)! So bad! Won't go back!And will spread the word! Read more

Rená Miller 5 years ago

The owners have THE WORST attitude ever. I don't even know how they're able to continue to have this business here. Ask for a... bag to carry my cookies out, she tells me she put it in the cookie bag. No, ma'am. I'm going into other stores and don't want tocarry 2 bags of cookies, can I PLEASE have a bag of cookies. It really hurt her to give ONE CUSTOMER a bag. Needed to use therestroom and there's an out of order sign on the door. "Ma'am, is this for real or do you not want people to just walk in anduse the restroom?" It was a valid question because this Subway is located in a shopping strip. She ignores me and the otheremployee smiles and looks at her waiting on an answer. So, instead of messing my pants, I just walked in to see for myself. Thebathrooms are perfectly fine!!!!! Go figure! Ugh!!! Why do WEEEEE keep giving them our money when they don't value us as a humanbeing. Dogs around her get treated better than us. They will not get another penny from me EVER again. Read more

D J 5 years ago

Ordered a sausage pizza i added steak and cheese. The owner beat me out of $3.00 over charging me for steak and cheese...I was... only supposed to be charged 75 cents for each but was charged1.50 for both. I will be reporting them to the BBB because she is aliar and cheater. I wouldn't suggest this subway to a dog. Read more

Mars The Man 6 years ago

So I'm hungry and you know people, they just want food and nothing else. So I walk in and this lady is an intolerable person.... Completely incompetent and absolutely inconsiderate. I am held at a halt due to a rather "important" phone call she must attendto. Once she finished she began making the sub and completely annihilated it with mayonnaise. Worse than that, when I got home,the freaking sub was all white with mayo. What the heck bro. Not cool shalamalinlong. Anyways, I hate this establishment and itwas completely unpleasant. Read more