Reviews for Master Pizza in Clifton, NJ

R N 1 year ago

I don’t often put reviews that aren’t favorable but I have a pet peeve. About ordering an Italian hotdog sandwhich and... getting chopped hotdog pieces with pepper and potatoes. I order an Italian hot dog not a chopped hotdog sandwhich. It nevertastes the same when places do that. I also purchased zeppolies and a pizza. Got six zeppolies that were undercooked with atleast 2 cups of powder sugar on top. Just nasty. The pizza was average nothing special but not bad and was the only thing I ate. Hence the two stars. Chopped Italian hot sandwhich should say in the description. Please don’t serve zeppolies undercookeda little doughy in the middle is fine but they should be crisp and with less sugar. Thanks. Read more

Ingrid Y 1 year ago

I ordered a hawaiian pie and it had no tomato sauce… I called to ask and was told I had to specify that I wanted tomato... sauce. Ok, weird.. Read more

Michael Percival 1 year ago

I ordered a large pie and 6 wings. Came to $24. They tried to tell me that they can’t deliver to my address because it’s too... far. I live 3 miles away! They said in order for me to get delivery I am REQUIRED to spend over $30. Again I live 3 miles away.The female manager was no help whatsoever and continuously tried to get me to spend over $30. The girl on the phone went to goget her phone to check my address and see how far it was. At this point I hung up. You don’t get my money period. And thenthey called me back 3 times once they saw how close I lived. What a joke of an establishment. I will never buy there again and IWAS a weekly repeat customer. The manager should be fired for her horrendous customer service. Read more

Jus Me 2 years ago

I haven't ordered here in a few years, since before the shutdown. Rainy day today so I caved. I ordered a beef gyro (I added... onions), it comes with fries. The girl on the phone was super sweet, answered my questions with patience. She said my deliverywould be here in 40 minutes, I was already paying the delivery guy in 27 minutes. That alone makes me happy (it's a Saturdayevening & raining so getting my order in less than 30 minutes was great). Firstly, my food came neat! Gyros are messy but minecame tightly wrapped, nothing falling out, and cut in half. The fries were in the same takeout dish and they didn't have anygyro contents on them. Nothing was greasy, nothing was salty, the pita bread used wasn't super thick either. It was a littlethicker than a wrap & perfect. Some places use the pita bread so thick that i opt to just eat the insides of a gyro and a smallpiece of the bread, not the case here. Everything was super tasty, and again NOT greasy! The size of the order was good for theprice and filling. Happy with my order & the service provided. Read more

Undecisive Angel (Luna Quartz) 2 years ago

There was a little bit of confusion with delivery. The 2 times we've ordered here, we asked well done and it was still pale on... the bottom. Plus kinda soggy, not cut all the way through. The separate confusion was at home when there were two differentpiles of money. I accidentally grabbed the bigger pile instead of the skinnier one. The difference was only two dollars but itlooked like a lot more than that. I got really scared and called back, they called the delivery guy back, the delivery guy wastrying to curse me out in Spanish, the manager was talking very rudely and sarcastically because he didn't believe me "oh yeah?You gave too much?? Why would you do that huh? The guy said you only gave one extra dollar, are you good?" At the end of theday, the pizza is just okay. The lady on the phone was nice to me, but the two men are absolutely atrocious. Read more

Des KF 2 years ago

My clients picked this place for lunch and placed their order and I called in to place mine. When I called a nice man answered... and he was able to adjust things to fit the budget and he gave me my pasta dish on the house which I truly appreciated. Theydelivered everything on time and put my pasta with vegetables on the side. When I tasted my food it was good and there was morethan enough for me to eat. I appreciate their service and had a good experience. Read more

JOSE DAVID CANO 2 years ago

Amazing wings and the cheesesteak is the first that come to my mind when I think in this place. The sour is great, the service... is better, and the people that works here are totally friendly. The space is little but cozy, and at the exterior you have sometables also to sit and have your meal. Totally recommended for all people. Read more

Adonis Pujols 5 years ago

Very clean and tasty pizzeria. The pizzas look and taste delicious ????. The guys are super nice and even walked over to hand me... the pizza. Good price, too. There's seats and tables outside to sit with friends and family and they play chill music inside.Definitely one of the better places in Clifton. Read more