Reviews for Taco Bell in Cloquet, MN

Charles Nystrom 1 year ago

Worst Taco Bell I've been to. Over 10 min to get food not to mention order screwed up. Dining area so cold we had to go get a... jacket. Seriously Read more

halloween! 1 year ago

Convenient location, fresh ingredients, ownership seems to have things managed well - only FF restaurant that stays open past... 8pm (serving dinner items) in cloquet. Fun breakfast, open early! Read more

Sasha B 1 year ago

The person at the drive-thru was very courteous. The order was hot and arrived in a timely manner. The only thing I didn't care... for, the chalupa shell wasn't cooked well. Everything else was great! Read more

Samantha Freer 1 year ago

Restroom was dirty, drink area was pretty gross, they were out of sweet tea and they served a quesadilla that wasn't cut. But,... the building was nice and food tasted okay. Read more

kelly cervantes 1 year ago

Love love ?? ???? this place ?? The people are super friendly beautiful place beautiful place can't wait to go back and visit... again my husband and my son And myself was up there this week and we just loved it I think we spent most of our dinner time upthere at this restaurant bar restaurant. Definitely a great place to visit in my book thank you for being such amazed people.And grammar is so beautiful what's my 1st time and I absolutely loved it and I will definitely comeagain???????????????????????????????????????????????? Read more

Graphic Brewery 1 year ago

Terrible customer service at drive thru. I didn't get the drink I literally came there for and they were mad when I asked once... what it was as it was the wrong color. It wasn't a huge deal and I offered to pay for the second one. Cashier tells me tgheydidnt have that kind, which wasstrange as we irdered ut 2 nights ago. The cashier calls "Tom" over who was rude, rolling hiseyes and took the drink back into the window after claiming they couldn't take it back (nor did I ask them to.) Customers areyour life blood people. I was not irritated or rude, but should get what I ordered. The second drink wasn't right either. Iworked in the food industry for years. Some people order food or drinks for a reason, especially if they are diabetic, whichisn't me, but could be others. Your accuracy is awful. Read more

Colleen Crumley 2 years ago

Food is almost always incorrect. Staff is really nice but some attention to detail is needed. Asked for guacamole on my nachos... and it wasn?t out on there. Read more

Orteel4 o 2 years ago

Horrible service. Asked for bean, rice, potato and lettuce burritos. Some people have food allergies aka cant do dairy.... Specifically said no cheese. Burrito had cheese on the side and a big chunk at the bottom. Wouldnt bother going back to get itright as they couldnt even figure out how to charge us separately for 2 orders. Male helped us. I dont think receipt has correctname. Annoying when your specific and patient and they still dont get it right. Read more