Reviews for McDonald's in Collins, MS

Louis Broz 1 year ago

Order through the drive-thru told me to go park in designated area. After 20 minutes somebody comes out ask me what we ordered... they close their ticket out because they gave her food to somebody else they had to remake the food we sat there for 32 minutessupposed to be fast food Read more

David Ellison 1 year ago

Dined in. Ordered breakfast burritos.They were out. Ordered McGriddle. It was burnt! (How do you even do that? It's pre fab,... heat and go). Complained. Got another one, also BURNT ( am I wrong, black crunchy edges = burnt). Got told "we don't cook em".Gave up. Read more

Tonya Forester 1 year ago

I guess you cannot expect much because it is McDonald's but how bad can you screw something up it's really simple. No ketchup,... no ketchup, no ketchup! Oh yeah and take a shower! You smell like Doritos at the drive-thru window! Gross! Read more

Sandy Murrah 1 year ago

Pull up to get a quick bite but they send you through the drive thru because they are short handed and can?t open the lobby to... let you eat. Something isn?t adding up. Can?t eat inside but everyone can go to drive thru. Turn to look and 3 employees arestanding in the parking lot. This is ridiculous. Read more

Linda Johnston 1 year ago

Sorry but you only get a 4. Good and drinks were good...but... the outside area of the buildings smelled of old grease and trash... problem. I know you are getting more traffic ordering and pick up... but don't forget you still have people that will goinside. Cleaning if the outside is just as important as cleaning the inside. Read more

Esa Abdullah Mayfield 1 year ago

Manager gave me some cold coffee. Instead of brewing a new pot he takes the cup and warms it up. Now anyone who knows about... coffee should know that coffee drinkers like fresh coffee. That's the whole reason for going to McDonalds. If I wanted oldcoffee I could have just went to any gas station.What has happened to customer service? I bet if my skin was lighter theywouldn't hesitate to brew a fresh pot. Read more

Erica Reynolds 1 year ago

Worst service I have ever received at a McDonalds. Truly disappointing from the beginning in the drive-thru, all we could hear... was employees loudly speaking over the intercom. The girl rushed me throughout my order and kept asking, "Is that It? What youwant? What else?" and then became frustrated when we had questions regarding our order. Once we pulled up to pay, the girl hadan attitude and did not greet us in a professional manner. Once we pulled up to the second window to receive our food, the otheryoung girl in the window handed us half of our order and then proceeded to chat with her coworkers. Once she gave me the rest ofthe order, I asked for ketchup and she shut the window in my face. We ordered a cheeseburger happy meal with ketchup only, andreceived a cheeseburger with everything on it. Do not recommend at all Read more

Ms. Pank 2 years ago

Absolute horrible experience, We stopped in here for some chicken sandwich meals we ordered two deluxe meals and one chicken... sandwich with no lettuce when I received my sandwiches they were not deluxe no tomato hardly any lettuce globs of mayonnaise soI asked the manager at the drive-through window where the deluxe was on my chicken sandwiches she took my sandwiches back to thekitchen and then came back and said we don?t have any tomatoes or anything in the store, I said well why would you sell thesandwiches as deluxe sandwiches if you don?t have the proper ingredients to make a deluxe sandwich? her response to me was ifyou don?t like it call Corporate - no refund offered, not even a partial refund for the fact that I paid for a sandwich that Ididn?t get and I took pictures of what I did get ??????? I also called corporate I?ve yet to receive a phone call back becausethe owners the Williams family they don?t care about customers!!! Read more