Reviews for Fox's Pizza Den in Columbia, MS

Trent Miley 1 year ago

This place has been an absolute joke for the last year or more. They used to have the BEST young people working here. We walked... in at 8:40pm (they close at 9) and one of the workers acted like it was the end of the world. She rolled her head back androlled her eyes multiple times. She was loudly talking about how mad she was that we just walked in. We left and will not beback. If you want to close at 8 then close at 8. Don?t treat the customers who walk in during business hours like they are aninconvenience? Read more

Wanda Loftin 1 year ago

The pizza is delicious they have great salads ,and sandwiches, family oriented love it

Lee Ann Williams 1 year ago

Ordered pizza 10-10-22. Both hardly had any sauce on them making them very bland.

Albert Wheat 2 years ago

Ethan McNeil is the worst cook i have ever seen if he is working i refuse to eat there. Ethan has spit in my food and my wings... were cold when i got them and he like to call me fat every time i go in there and i only weigh 600 pounds Read more

level1samurai 2 years ago

They were out of kids drinks and wouldn't charge me for a kids drink and made me buy a small no restaurant does this if they're... out they substitute. Employees say they will get in trouble so the owner needs to learn customer service Read more

Crazy Daisy 2 years ago

We called this restaurant three times, and no one would answer. We thought that they may have closed early, (it was 7pm), so we... drove to the restaurant and parked in front of the building. There were literally no customers in the restaurant, or in thedrive thru. We called again whilst looking into the restaurant from our car. They didn't answer. I went inside the restaurant,but asked my husband to call them whenever I got inside. They turned off the ringer. Whenever I confronted them about it, theytried to gaslighting me. I refuse to eat inside, because no one wears a mask and they leave the Tvs on Fox News. Why would afamily restaurant leave the bloody news on all day? Read more

Jason Humphreys 2 years ago

Half of the pizza(every other piece or two) had literally zero toppings or cheese. You think the pieces that had toppings would... have more since i would have to assume the bare pieces had toppings that slid over while cooking but those pieces had barelyanything on them. Completely disappointed. Was my 1st visit. Wings were ok. Read more

Mz Cons Breland 3 years ago

Their pizza is delicious! The wait wasn't but 15 -20 minutes from us calling in the order, to walking out with several items.... The cheese sticks we got for free for joining their text group, and they were great as well. We order them often, so gettingthem for free one time was awesome ???? My Mother and spouse like the wedges and the Philly, my teenagers and I love the pizza.The staff is always friendly and the restaurant is always clean. Only complaint is that it takes them a pretty good while toanswer the phone when trying to place your order. You have to call in several times, for up to 30 minutes or more sometimes tobe able to order. Other than that, great place to eat pizza that doesn't taste like any of the others. Read more