Reviews for McDonald's in Columbia, MS

Bristol Broussard 1 year ago

I've been working in town for a few months now and have eaten breakfast here a couple of times a week. The one thing I noticed... is that the weekend service is not as good as what you get on a week day. The food is what you expect for McDonald's not bad andquick, but you might not get everything you ordered or no syrup for your hotcakes. If you go on the weekend I suggest you checkyour order before you drive off. Read more

Robin Ledet 1 year ago

Service was great. Young man was really sweet. Need more ppl like him

Emma R 1 year ago

Placed a mobile order tonight. Waited a good 30 mins nobody came out with it. Finally went inside to check on it. Was rudely... told they served my order off because they had nobody available to run it out to me. Read more

Ashley McPherson 1 year ago

I ordered 2 double cheese burgers a large fry and a oreo mcflurry at the self order stand. it didn't give me a receipt or order... number. After I received my order I was told they couldn't make the mcflurry bc their machine wasn't working. They didn't offerto give me my money back or substitute anything in its place. Just sorry Read more

Arial Caramore 1 year ago

Don?t go there too often but while I was waiting with my sister, I saw an employee using their bare hands to put the fries into... the containers..not very hygienic for the customer. Especially with viruses going around like crazy. Read more

Rachel Walsh 1 year ago

I went there to get dinner I asked for a number 7 witch is two cheese burgers I orderd it as a meal and I got one cheese burger... and NO fries the quarter pounder I order was deluxe when I said NO deluxe it also took me 20 minutes just to get my food whereis the fast in fast food overall I'm very mad and I will not be going back there any time soon. Read more

Chris Cochran 2 years ago

This diner is newly remodeled yet poorly designed. The seating and tables were nasty, we had to wipe them ourselves. The food... was overly greasy and they put so much mayo and ketchup on my burger I had to squeeze out the excess. There was enough mayo Icould fixed another burger. Read more

Rachael Tate 2 years ago

Usually order through door dash while I'm at work but I actually went to the drive this time and it was quite pleasant. Much... appreciated for that. Food was on point, coffee was awesome and my fam was happy when I surprised them with breakfast! Thanksfor helping me accomplish them smiles! Read more