Reviews for McDonald's in Columbus, MS

Roxane Wilson 1 year ago

I use to love McDonald's. Ice cream machine is never working. Patties are too thin and too small for the bun. Cheese is never... melted on the burger. Employees have attitude everyday. Fries don't be hot. Read more

Penesha McDowell-Harrison 1 year ago

See, what is happening is either customer care is diminishing or children are running things!!!! Understand....this. Is. How.... The. Employees. Get. Paid!!!! Us coming to the store buying what's on the menu!!! Customer service is key to repeat visits thatsupport your pay each pay period! If we don't come, you may be closing your doors!!! Train these people to treat customersbetter! The McRib...No! What kind of meat is this? I will not be ordering this again! Read more

Michael Ankerson 1 year ago

Do the people working there really think someone says I want McDonald's but for dinner I want a burger that was made for lunch.... You know when you put the burger in the box if it is dried up and old or fresh. That is just pure "I give no s**t's about my jobor the customer". Read more

Shannon Knight 1 year ago

I mean, it's McDonald's. Food is average quality and they do a good job of handling long drive through lines. But I can never... figure out why, no matter what city I live in, the ice cream machine is always broken?! Read more

Lynn Randolph 1 year ago

IF I decide to stop (most cases I don't) I use the app so I don't have to communicate much with the people hired here. The... customer service and energy is always awful. I ordered food for 5, the food was finished first for a change but the good luckdidn't last long as the food got cold because I was left waiting on the drinks. I watched 4 orders come and go while waiting. Idon't understand how you can fail so bad at something as simple as filling 3 cups but this location does. Read more

Bob Fruzia 1 year ago

Pouring down rain and sat at speaker for way to long. No one beside no one in front. I just sat there. Finally ordered then the... same waiting experience at the pay window. Pick up window was quick but they had ample time to prepare. Read more

Dr. C. Cameron 1 year ago

I should of known better to eat at McDonald's when I saw the line at Wendy's was longer! A simple fish sandwich was missed up!... Fish was HARD! I asked for fries ???? with NO salt & couldn't eat it it was FULL of salt!! I know my lil $ won't put a dent inMcDonald's but I don't care! Won't get my $ Read more

Alex McCormick 2 years ago

Not very clean or fast. Food was not good and tasted as if it had been sitting all day. I?d recommend going elsewhere.